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Castle Tank
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Hey, I found another Nexo Knights MOC. Last fall, Carrier Lost built this Castle Tank inspired by preliminary pictures of the Fortrex set, but with a much better color scheme. Check out a head-to-head comparison and see all of Carrier Lost's creations on Flickr, and then discuss it in our forum.

Nexo Knights Origins
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This is the first real Nexo Knights MOC I've seen, and it's awesome. Milan Sekiz didn't really fill in the story for his Nexo Knights Origins, but I think the pictures pretty much tell the story: In the dark past, a wizard sent four brave knights through a magic portal. There they find themselves in a futuristic sci-fi world, and the kingdom they found becomes the realm of the Nexo Knights. You can see this along with all of Milan's MOCs on Flickr (be sure to check them all, great stuff from a variety of themes), and then discuss this in our forum.

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