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RIP Fraslund
10 VI 21

You may have seen the news on the Brothers-Brick of the unexpected passing of David Frank. David was active in SEALUG and also on various forums, including for several years here at CC where he used the handle Fraslund. I never met him IRL, so I will point you to the posting on BB by Chris Malloy, who knew him well. If you have memories of Fraslund, or want to talk about some of the work in his Flickr stream, please share in our forum.
5 VI 21

Prominent castle builders and AFOL community members (and actual brothers) Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven are the team to watch on the new season of LEGO Masters on Fox. In the first episode, teams were tasked with building a float for a parade. Appropriately, Mark and Steven came out with a castle-themed entry, Jormungandr. I'd like to think that each of them winning Master Builder in past CCC's laid the foundation for their future success on LEGO Masters! Good luck, guys!
Summer Joust 2021
2 VI 21

For the past several years the Summer Joust has become the highlight of the summer months. This contest, created and hosted by Isaac Snyder over on Flickr challenges individuals and teams to create castle-themed MOCs in a number of categories. This year those categories include 12x12 Vignette, High Fantasy, Monastery, Asian Setting, Creating an Atmosphere, and the team category Through the Seasons. Check out all of the details and submit your entries to the dedicated Flickr group.

Discuss this contest in our forum, but please go to the Flickr group for official information. This is not a CC activity, but Isaac and many of the participants are current or former CC members. As a CC admin I'd encourage you to join, and also to post your entries in our Castle MOC forum after you submit them to the contest. Good luck, everyone!
3-in-1 Creator Castle 31120
11 V 21

Official pictures have been posted for the highly anticipated set 31120, 3-in-1 Creator Castle. Yes, we don't seem to be getting an official theme reboot any time soon, but this set has a lot to love. Come see all the pics and share the love (or your critiques) in our forum.
Colossal Castle Contest 18!
8 XI 20

The Classic-Castle Admins are pleased to announce our eighteenth annual building contest: The Colossal Castle Contest XVIII! Our contest begins on November 8th and ends on January 10th, 2021.

The contest is designed to offer building opportunities for castle fans with small and large collections of brick. We have many new categories this year plus popular fan favorites of the past like Festivals and Celebrations, Fairy Tale, and Custom Castle Figure.

Check out the prizes. A variety of new castle and holiday themed sets are included!

Thank you to several anonymous donors for donating prizes for this contest. Please contact the admins if you are interested in donating to next year's CCC. The contest rules can be found here. Enjoy!

The submit an entry portion of the contest will not be ready for one to two weeks of this announcement. We expect you will need time to build for the categories. Good luck!

Questions regarding the contest will be answered by the admins in the forum thread. It may take us a few days to answer a question, especially if it is a complicated one needing review by all of the admins. Thank you for understanding.

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