A Visit from Henry

Henry was the traveling mascot of Classic-Castle.com. This is an account of his visit.

Let me pass, good sir knight. I seek the kingdom of Brick Tales.

What manner of land is this, where they use dragons as steeds? I wonder what I shall find beyond those gates.

The gates opened, and I was relieved to be greeted by a friendly smile.

My host invited me in, and soon the whole town turned out to make me welcome.

I was introduced to some of the celebrities of this land, including a diminuitive hero named Frodo.

My host showed me around the city.

He also showed me his library.

My host suggested that I should get a good night's sleep, because the next day we were going to travel to the strange realm of Losangeles in the kingdom of Realworld.

In the morning I found that my host had changed into strange garb, that he said would be more appropriate in Losangeles. He also showed me a magical carriage that did not need horses. I brought my camera, another magical device I have received in my travels.

So many magical carriages! Is everyone in this realm a wizard? I wish I could simply ride a horse.

I noticed something different about the inhabitants of Realworld. They seemed to come in all kinds of shapes and hues.

In Realworld, my host is apparently some sort of alchemist. He showed me around his workplace.

Despite what the giant sign said, I could find no holly in these woods.

In the Holly Woods, we came across what my host told me was a troupe of actors.

I learned this game when I was in Germany! We joined in a friendly match in a local park

My host brought me to his favorite restaurant. I believe they forgot to cook my fish.

We also went to some sort of tournament. Instead of jousting, though, the contestants played a game with an orange ball.

We were entertained by a court jester. This poor man seemed to get no respect.

This is an interesting place. Within a couple of hours we were able to walk along the sea shore . . .

. . . but also visit snow-capped mountains.

My visit is done and it is already time to move on. Again I have a strange conveyance, but at least this one has a horse.

I have had a great time in the kingdom of Brick Tales and the nearby realm of Losangeles. I wonder what my next destination will be like? I hear it may be cold . . .