Lord of the Rings

A Knife in the Dark

In a sheltered hollow on the western face of Weathertop, Strider and the hobbits make camp. At Sam's urging, Strider tells the tale of Beren and Luthien.

"Again she fled, but swift he came. Tinuviel! Tinuviel!

He called her by her elvish name; And there she halted listening. . . ."

After the story was finished, Sam and Merry strolled off. Frodo, Pippin, and Strider sat silently by the fire.

"Something is out there!"

"They seemed to be moving this way."

"Keep close to the fire, with your faces outward!" ordered Strider.

Several shadowy figures rose over the lip of the little dell. Frodo thought he heard a faint hiss and felt a thin piercing chill.

Merry and Pippin threw themselves on the ground in terror, while Sam cowered behind Frodo. Frodo felt an overpowering urge to put on the Ring.

As soon as he put on the Ring, Frodo could clearly see the Nazgul. Their merciless eyes burned as they advanced. Frodo opposed them with his small sword.

Frodo threw himself forward and swung his sword at the enemy, crying out "O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!"

Frodo felt a pain like a dart of poisened ice as the knife of the foremost Nazgul pierced his shoulder. As he swooned he caught sight of Strider leaping out of the darkness with a flaming brand in either hand. Frodo removed the Ring from his finger and knew no more.

When Frodo came to, he was surrounded by his friends. "This wound is too serious for me to treat," said Strider. We must get to Elrond in Rivendell."

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