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Houses sit on plates rather than baseplates. They can be any size. This style of building is considered Furman-esque because it was originally used by Jon Furman in his Provincial Town series. Send all CCC creations to Lenny, and links to brickshelf or your personal site. Please, do not send the images themselves!

Colossal Castle Contest I
Ended Feb 2004
Winner: Jason Spears "Jeweler and Tinker"
Joel Jacobson's Pottery Shop and Cottage
Posted to Lugnet 4 Dec 2003
Larry Pieniazek's Medieval Barber Shop
Posted to Lugnet 3 Dec 2003
Jason Spears's Five Colorful Houses
Medium Blue, Tan, Sand Blue, Light Yellow, and Maersk Blue
Posted to Lugnet 3 Dec 2003
Jason Spears's Archer and Miner Houses
Posted to Lugnet 18 Nov 2003
Jason Spears's "Herid's Rare Books and Manuscripts"
Posted to Lugnet 10 Nov 2003
Jason Spears's "Pub 'n Shop"
Posted to Lugnet 17 Oct 2003
Amado C Pinlac's Twin Wizards' Abode
Posted to Lugnet 27 Oct 2003
Jason Spears's Four Shops
Posted to Lugnet 16 Oct 2003
Posted on MOCpages
Dean Hennon's Tailor Shop
Posted to Lugnet 16 Oct 2003
Dean Hennon's Rare Item Shop
Posted to Lugnet 11 Oct 2003
Dean Hennon's Ye Olde Glassmaker House
Posted to Lugnet 7 Oct 2003
James Stacey's Three Houses
Posted to Lugnet 25 Sep 2003
Leonard Hoffman's Dragon Dung Shop, Jeweler, Herbalist, and Forestman Percussion Band
Posted to Lugnet 25 Sep 2003

Leonard Hoffman's Artist Studio and Lil'Armory
Posted to Lugnet 12 Sep 2003

Leonard Hoffman's Provincial Rip-off
Posted to Lugnet 24 Apr 2003

Anthony Sava's Village of Dahyart
Posted to Lugnet 2 Mar 2003
The MOC that inspired much of the CCC

Jon Furman's Provincial Village
Posted to Lugnet 5 Feb 2003
Updated on 28 Mar 2003

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