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Wall Pieces sit on a 32x32 baseplate and connect to another wall piece at the exact center of the 32baseplate. Send all CCC creations to Lenny, and links to brickshelf or your personal site.

Colossal Castle Contest I
Ended Feb 2004
Winners: James Brink "Knights' Shop"
Aaron Sneary and Jim Foulds "Castle Gate under Construction"

David O'Hare's Decorative Gate
Posted to Classic-Castle Forums 7 Dec 2003

Ben Ellermann's City Gate
Posted to Lugnet 7 Oct 2003

Nathan Well's Imperial Gate
Posted to Lugnet 13 Nov 2003

Jordan Bradford's White Tower Under Construction
Posted to Lugnet 11 Nov 2003
Amado C Pinlac's Gungan Tower
Posted to Lugnet 11 Nov 2003

Mike Thorn's Black and Red Gates
Posted to Lugnet 1 Nov 2003

Mike Thorn's White Knight Gate
Posted to Lugnet 25 Oct 2003

Nick Oranzi's Gate of Jahmong
Posted to Lugnet 15 Oct 2003

Juan Cuello's Santiago's Gate
Posted to Lugnet 12 Oct 2003

Don Cox's Black Monarch's Castle
Posted to Lugnet 25 Sept 2003

Don Cox's Black Falcon Fortress
Posted to Lugnet 18 Sept 2003

Leonard Hoffman's Winery
Posted to Lugnet 12 Sept 2003

Troy Cefaratti's Wall Piece
Posted to Classic-Castle Forums on 11 Sep 2003

Troy Cefaratti's Tower
Posted to Classic-Castle Forums on 11 Sep 2003

Alan Findlay's City Gate
Posted to Lugnet 10 Sept 2003

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