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Since the CCC standard is designed for real-life displays: this page will be a listing of displays that feature the Classic Castle City!

"3CS at BrickFest PDX"
by Lenny Hoffman, et al.

Portland, OR
13-15 February 2004
"Leon County Library Show 2004"
by Lenny Hoffman

Tallahassee, Florida
Month of December 2003
"Festival of Trees"
by Jason Spears of MichLUG

Deerborn, Michigan
23- 30 November 2003
Jason Spears's Pictures
"East Meets West"
by KK Quah and Lenny Hoffman

Disney Festival of the Masters
7, 8, 9 November 2003
Announced by KK Quah on Lugnet 11 Nov 2003
Lenny's Pictures

MichLUG @ the Motor City ComiCon
17,18,19 October 2003
Announced by Jason Spears on Lugnet 24 Oct 2003
Report on MichLUG Website

TexLUG Meeting
11 October 2003
Pictures by Anthony Sava
Pictures by Ed Southerland

If you've participated in such a display, please email Lenny!

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