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The Classic Castle Farm Standard

Here you can find all the lastest news about the Classic Castle Farms - both creations on the web and the farmland in action! Updates will be posted here with links to the respective pages.


This standard is meant to provide an easy way for various people to work together to build a large medieval farmland display. Since this concept is specifically designed for displaying purposes, many elements (such as the need for a coordinator) are included. Please do not let this limit creativity. Producing a large countryside can be daunting task. This standard will allow fans with small, moderate, or large collections to participate.

The Standard

This standard consists of connecting a large number of unique fields together in a random patchwork pattern. To reduce complexity, all field baseplates should have dimensions in multiples of 8. Example boards are 8x16, 16x32, 32x32 and so on. Recommended ground colors are green, brown, black, and tan. You may build hills or rolling terrain into your fields as long as they end at your baseplate. By adding plates you can show that your field has been plowed. Rocks or small animals can then be placed in the field. Next add your leafy crops and any fruits they bear. A variety of crops such as corn, wheat, carrots, and strawberries can be planted. Check out the links below to see how various fans built these crops:

Rural buildings like houses, barns, windmills, watermills can be placed near the fields:

Streams, ponds, and lakes with brigdes and docks can be placed next to the farms. If you terrain is rocky, adding walls around your plots can add authenticity. Feel free to add your own twist to the land.

Do you have a suggestion for the standard? Send me an email or pm so we can add it!

This was written by Ben Ellermann. If you need to contact him about the standard, please do not hesitate to email him. Thank you

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