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Categories and Prizes

Each category has its own prize for the highest scoring creation. Most of the prizes are castle sets from the 1980.s and 1990's. The sets are used and but should be in good to very good condition. See links for actual photos of used sets. Most sets have instructions but boxes are not included. All other prizes are new. We would like to thank the Rich Stehnach "Blackrock", Ben Ellermann, BrickArms, BrickForge, The Brothers Brick, and the LEGO Company for donating prizes for this contest.
Castle Evolution
1843 Castle/Space Pack

Build three scenes that show the evolution of one place over time. Include at least one medieval scene.

New Set

Medieval Maintenance
6040 Blacksmith Shop

Build a creation that depicts maintenance or repair of buildings, vehicles, or equipment during the middle ages. Ideas include blacksmith shop, wheelwright.s shop, dry dock, and construction site.

Used Set -
Donated by The Brothers Brick

The Pastoral Life
New Figures and Cows

Build a rural landscape featuring local people and their animals. Ideas include herding sheep, driving cattle to market, defending a flock against a wild animal, etc. Brick built, custom, and LEGO animals can be used in this category.

Four New Figures and Six Cows -
Donated by Trevor Van Aalst & Ben Ellerman

Fairy Tale
383/6083 Knight's Tournament

Build a scene from your favorite fairy tale. Ideas include Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc.

Used Set

Rob the Rich to ...
6077 Forestmen's River Fortress

Build two scenes featuring your outlaw faction. First show your bandits liberating excessive wealth. The next scene should depict how that wealth is used.

Used Set - Donated by BrickForge

Mythical Battle
4801 Defense Archer & 4806 Axe Cart

Save humanity against the invading hoards of vile creatures. Fantasy castle fans, this is the category for you :-)

Used Sets (12) - Donated by Rich "Blackrock" Stehnach

Preparing for War
6041 Armor Shop

Build a scene depicting your favorite faction preparing for war. Ideas include gathering provisions for a siege, transporting troops over land or sea, and creating armor or siege weaponry for your army.

Used Set - Donated by The Brothers Brick

Realistic Castle Figure
BrickArms Custom Weapons

Create a realistic customized castle figure. You may use modified bricks, custom accessories, and/or stickers. Ideas include knights, monks, and peasants.

Custom Weapons - Donated by BrickArms

Fantasy Castle Figure
BrickForge Custom Weapons

Create a fantasy customized castle figure. You may use modified bricks, custom accessories, and/or stickers. Ideas include wizards, elves, and fairies.

Custom Weapons - Donated by BrickForge

6077 Knight's Procession

Does your castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have a baseplate size limitation. Remember that you are still limited to three photographs, even for large creations.

Used Set - Donated by The Brothers Brick

Realistic Castle
7946 King's Castle

Build a castle inspired by your favorite real castle or factions. Include architectural features found in real castles such as a drawbridge, keep, moat, and towers. We are not looking for exact replicas of existing castles The minimum size of a castle should be 32x32 studs. There is not a maximum size limit in this category but keep in mind that you can only enter 3 photographs of your castle.

New Set - Donated by The LEGO Group

Master Builder
1592 Town Square

This prize will be awarded to the builder who enters 6 or more categories and has the highest score when their top six creation scores are averaged.

Used Set - Donated by The Brothers Brick & Ben Ellermann

Frequently Asked Questions:

All entries should fit on 2 connected 32x32 baseplates or smaller unless stated otherwise in that category's rules. You may use a single 48x48 plate for your entry instead of the two 32x32 plates.

Custom stickers may be used for minifigure torsos, shields, and flags. You may use custom weapons only in the Custom Castle Figure and Miscellaneous categories. Brick built, custom, and LEGO animals can be used.

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