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Entries submitted by legokilt

Beresford Castle

Built at the end of the first dark age by good king Acheron, Beresford Castle became the center of the kingdom of Bolestra. Built on the bank of the Cullinan River, the castle became a haven for those who sought to protect good. Over the years the three orders of the Rampant Lion, the Verdent Dragon and the Golden Crown were created to oversee the protection of the kingdom. Each order, led from their respective tower swears to protect their virtures of Loyalty, Strength and Wisdom.

Submitted by: legokilt

Dante Alighieri

Noted Italian poet and political satirist.

Submitted by: legokilt

Distillery Raid

Deep in the Slee Valley the Ribley family perfected the art of distilling potteen. So potent and smooth the word of the liquor they made spread past the valley. After the final malt harvest of the year, the family began making their product, unbeknownst to them those who wanted their product were on their way.

Submitted by: legokilt


Deep within the dark recesses of the mountains the mages and clerics used their dark art to pervert the eggs of the good dragons. Through their craft a new race was born, the Dragonmen, Draconians.

Submitted by: legokilt

Feast of St. Stephen and the Wren Boys

Every year during the Christmas season the king holds a feast for his court and his people. During the feast the Wren Boys come through singing and dancing while asking for a gift. Per tradition the king gives them some food and some coin.

Submitted by: legokilt

Fetchez la vache!

As King Arthur and the knights of the round table speak to the guards of the castle of Guy de la Lombard, the guards have a surprise in store. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Submitted by: legokilt

Henri II of France

The Paresean:
Lundi, Juin 30th, 1559 A.D.

Henri II, King of France, avid sportsman and benelovent monarch was killed today in a Joust to celebrate the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis and the Marriage of his daughter Elizabeth of Valois to Spain's King Philip II.

Gendarmeire Commandant Hugh De Chateau, witnessed and investigated the death and proclaimed it an accident. Apparently the lance of the King's opponent snapped after hitting the king's shield and the point lodged in the King's eye. He was returned to the Royal Palace where he expired in the presence of his family.

Submitted by: legokilt

Huma Dragonbane

Huma Dragonbane, Lightbringer, the Lancebearer, vanquisher of Takhisis. His name and deeds lives on through myth, but all have forgotten the valiance, though ineptness of his squire, Hugh.

Submitted by: legokilt

Kaz the Minotaur

Once a loyal servant of the Dark Queen, Kaz, saved by Huma Dragonbane swore to protect all that is good and righteous. Armed with the great two headed axe and the strength of his race, he is a formidable foe.

Submitted by: legokilt


Pan dancing through the woods playing his pipes as his dryads play in the pool.

Submitted by: legokilt

St. Ralph's Scriptorium.

While he chose a life of solitude St. Ralph chose to work copying the gospels into illuminated texts. Finding his pigments from materials found in the lands surrounding his hut, Ralph spends his days in prayer, contemplation and illustration.

Submitted by: legokilt

The King's Bounty Hunter: Sir Itzak Kariov.

When King Acheron needs someone brought in the city guards are unable to apprehend, he sends for Sir Itzak Kariov. Armed with his rubber headed mace and catchpole he finds those who wish to not be found and brings them in to receive the king's justice.

Submitted by: legokilt

The Progression of Sir Egbert through the Orders

Once knighted Sir Egbert Ath Markin was charged with a quest to protect the people from the enemies menacing kingdom. The quest had three tasks, each embodying the motto of its respective order. The completion of each would allow entrance into each of the sacred orders of the kingdom.

For entrance into the Order of the Rampant Lions, who's motto is "Strength through Faith", Sir Egbert must defeat an overwhelming party of raiding orcs. To become a member of the Verdant Dragons Sir Egbert must embody the motto, "Victory through Perseverance" and defeat the dark wizard of Stone Mountain. The final, and most dangerous task, to gain entrance to the Order of the Golden Crown, Sir Egbert must as their motto states use, "Wisdom gained from Knowledge" to defeat the great red dragon Keeroth and return the dragon's horde to the king's treasury.

Will he succeed in his varied tasks to complete his sacred quest and become a member of the highest order?

Submitted by: legokilt

Tomb of Mary Magdalene

Sought by the faithful, the tomb of Mary Magdalene has remained hidden for hundreds of years beneath the church. Only the faithful know their way to the secret cavern and the sarcophagus.

Submitted by: legokilt

Viking Riverside Fortress.

After years of raiding the coast, finally the Vikings decided that it was more effective to keep a permanent presence in the Viltshire County. As such the fortress of Volkivic on the banks of the Seeltee River.

Submitted by: legokilt

Weavers Cottage

Deep in the valley of Washale the weaver family set up residence and established their industry. Twice a year the sheep are brought in from the field, cleaned and sheared. The fleece is brought into the mill to be spun and woven into the finest cloth available. Often dyed for their customers, Washale Wool makes the finest clothes.

Submitted by: legokilt

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