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Entries submitted by shmails

Gotaine, New Warrior King

Part Nine of the Bear Claw Clan storyline:

After meeting with his brother at the Brown Bear Castle, Gorang has decided that his reign has come to an end. Witht he loss of his leg and hand, he can no longer lead the clan into battle.

After seeing the success his son has had in leading the clan on the King's quests, Gorang is ready to hand over the rule to Gortaine.

In recognition for his valor and courage, the elders have made Gortaine a new set of armor and weapons, designed to bring fear into the enemies hearts.

Submitted by: shmails

Sid The Cyclops

part seven of my Bear Claw Clan storyline:

The beast must fall, that is what the King ordered. What he failed to devulge was that the beast was a kind hearted Cyclops named Sid. His crime is simple: he eats all the livestock in the kingdom and destroys any carriage that has "shiny rocks" on board.

The Stargazer told Gortaine how to bring Sid down, the blade of the gods driven into the base of his horn will bring him to his knees. The pack has Sid's attention while Gortaine leaps to his destiny!

Submitted by: shmails

The Brown Bear Castle

part 8 of the Bear Claw Storyline.

With Gortaine finishing up the King's Orders, Gorang has decide to go back to the Brown Bear Castle to meet with the Elders and discuss a new direction within the Clan.

The Castle is the original Bear Claw Clan keep, and was Built by Gorang's father and his men. It is now deep in Bear Clwas country, and is a sacred destination.

Gorang arrives and is met by his brother Krunt, keeper of the eternal flame of the Bear's Heart.

Submitted by: shmails

The Doorknocker

part three of my Bear Claw Clan storyline:

After the Treaty, Gorang returned home supplied with new techniques, new funding, and a new vigor for the hunt. He and his men spent the winter building a new weapon to make the enemies tremble, quake, and then fall to their knees: the DoorKnocker!

With the coming of spring, the Bear Claw Clan emerges from their den ready and moves south toward history!

Submitted by: shmails

The Flames Of Fury

part 4 of my Bear Claw Clan storyline:

The Bear Claw Clan has been unleashed, and they are tearing through the countryside. After overunning a Dragon Knight guardtower, they flowed into the town with like a wall of fury.

The King's orders were clear: destroy everything in your path. Just the kind of orders the Clan loves to hear!

Submitted by: shmails

The Meeting At San Kastel

first part of the Bear Claw Clan storyline.

San Kastel, or the Oasis Keep, was built around an existing oasis and was meant as a rest stop on the way to and from the Crusades. Now it is used as the Crown Kings' retreat.

On this occasion, the King has summoned his most loyal Lords to discuss the intrusion of two new factions into their territory. With all of the focus taken up by the Vikings, Orcs, Bear Claw Clan, and other barbarians, the King has allowed these new factions to gain a foothold in the land that he once ruled supreme.

A radical new idea is proposed while jesting by the pool that may change everything!

Submitted by: shmails

The Michaelmas Treaty

part 2 of my Bear Claw Clan storyline.

After returning from his trip to San Kastel, The Crown King called a meeting with Gorang, leader of the Bear Claw Clan. They met before the annual Michaelmas celebration and agree to a peace treaty between their people. The King then offered Gorang free reign over all others in the realm under the protection of the Crown. With this new treaty, the King hopes that the Bear Claw Clan can weaken the new factions without risking his own men.

After the treaty was signed, the celebration kicked into high gear. The Crown men enjoyed the entertainment, although it seemed a bit foolish and wasteful to Gorang and his advisor.

For those who do not know this holiday, which included me until a few days ago, here is the description from Michaelmas or Feast of St. Michael the Archangel occurs on September 29th this feast was held at the end of the harvest and agricultural season. It is also the day on which all rents, monies owed and accounts outstanding were paid. At this feast there are the appearances of the "horn dancers" which were a troupe of men wearing or carrying sets of deer antlers who would dance accompanied by drums and pipes. This tradition traces back to the ancient custom of celebrating the hunt.

Submitted by: shmails

The Quest For The Blade

Part 6 of my Bear Claw Clan storyline:

The Stargazer gave Gorang the knowledge he needed to defeat the Crown King's beast. Unfortunately, on his way home to prepare, Gorang and his men were set upon by a pack of wild mountain cats. Gorang escaped, but left a hand and leg behind.

The Warrior King now turns to his son, Gortaine, Prince of the Bear Claw Clan to retrieve the blade of the gods, needed to kill the beast.

Here is what the Stargazer told Gorang:

You must leave all that you know,
And travel the road where none will go,
Climb to the peak where the eagle soars,
And retrieve the blade of all our lords.

Gortaine's Quest begins!

Submitted by: shmails

The Stargazer

part five of my Bear Claw Clan storyline:

Seeing that his campaign of shock and gore is moving along well, Gorang decides it is time to complete the other half of the deal. The Crown King demanded that he rid the kingdom of the fowl beast that has been terrorizing villages for as long as they were there.

Gorang knows if he is to defeat such a beast, he must seek counsel with the clans elder sage, Arnoz the Stargazer. He will have the answers!

Submitted by: shmails

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