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Entries submitted by Derfel Cadarn


A large cottage in the lush countryside of Dumnonia, home to Lord Geraint and always bussling with day to day activities.

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

No Remorse!

The southern watchtower guards against any attackthat may come from the wastelands. The Falcon garrison who guard it are some of the kingdoms finest warriors. Now they face their greastest test as a horde of Trolls swarm the tower intent on taking it at any cost!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

Ramble On!

Life in the countryside. The farmer tends his livestock, the corn is being harvested, a fruit & veg seller is on his way to market and a young squire has packed his few belongings and decided to just ramble on!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

Rich Man's Mill & Drink And Be Merry

For the past few years a small group of renegade Falcons have taken over the local mill and its occupants. After hearing of the affair, Robin and his men swiftly bring the Falcons to justice, but they also discover a hoard of gold hidden within the mill that the Falcons had gathered. Do they give it to the poor and continue to live in the cold forest in poverty, or do they buy a mansion and live the high life?

Life Had been hard. The morale of Robin's outlaws was low. Years of living rough in the forrest had taken its toll. So when they discovered the horde of gold at the mill, Robin decided to use the money to by a small Inn on the edge of the forrest. Now he and his men could carry on their good deeds knowing they had a warm bed to return to after a quest. Not just that however, they also had an endless supply of wines, beers and ale. His men soon cheered up and from that day onward, they became know as 'Robin Hood and his MERRY men!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

Troll Baiting!

Spring brings war, and its always been a long tradition of the Lion Knights to prepare their greatest warriors by engaging in a spot of Troll Baiting. Pitting knights against a raging troll has always been a good way to get the men battle sharp and also great fun for the spectators!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

Ye Old Forge

Ye Old Forge, sittuated in the valley by Ynys Wydryn and home to Lanval, blacksmith of Dumnonia. A very respected fellow who makes the finest swords in all the land. He learnt his trade from his father who was also a famous blacksmith, and his father, and his father before him, and on and on legend says, right back to the great Gofannon, blacksmaith of the otherworld who crafted the mighty sword Excaliber! Although Arthur himself doesnt believe it, he thinks she was probably made somewhere in Gwent, for an Irish lord, as it was in Ireland where Merlin won it from another druid in a dream contest. Arthur has never been one to believe in silly magical nonsense, to him, Excalibur is just a piece of iron used to win battles. But hes careful to makesure she stays in good condition, and theres no better blacksmith then Lanval for the job!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

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