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Entries for Medieval Architectural Detail

A Corner of Peace

Submitted by: Ryclen

Arkbri River Bridge

The Queenscross bridge of the Arkbri river is one of it's kind, overlooking an amazing castle built by one of the ancient Kaliphlin rulers. Once a year it is decorated for the anual festeval.

Submitted by: gid617

Castello di Querceto

Part of a facade based on Castello di Querceto, Tuscany, Italy.

Submitted by: pj_bosman


Section of a French Gothic style Cathedral with both outside and inside, buttresses, traceries and rich ornaments.
It was inspired by french cathedrals of Amiens, Reims, Chartres, St Denis and Paris (Notre Dame)

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Cathedral corner

Submitted by: Yacapo

CCCX Lenfald Mansion

Submitted by: mpoh98

CCCX The Fortress of Longford

Submitted by: Justin M

Crusader Tower

Swarming over the castle like ants on a carcass, the muslim horde attacks ferociously. But the crusaders in their stone tower retaliate with swords drawn. They will not give up without a fight to the death.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Curved Staircase

Submitted by: jediknight219

Door of Saint Georges

The door of Saint Georges in some random church

Submitted by: GillesGaer

Forestmen Temple

Submitted by: kylekreations

Gothic Cathedral

When I saw this category the first thing that came to mind was a section of a Gothic cathedral with the flying buttresses and stained glass windows.
Now I wish I had enough for the whole cathedral :)

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Huntsman Shrine

The legendary exploits of the huntsman are forever enshrined in his memory.

Submitted by: ACPin

Library of Sanctuary

Entrance to the great library of Santuary.

Submitted by: Fraslund


Next creation based on movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'. This shows scene when Robin Hood is meeting Marian in Nottingham church.

Submitted by: LL

Room a Toberg

Submitted by: bentoft

Rozenaarde Town Hall

A fragment of a belgian-style town hall, inspired by genuine buildings in Brussels, Oudenaarde and Antwerp.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

The Cathedral of Hope

Submitted by: Horsecreek

The Chapel, Tigelfáh Castle

Tigelfáh Castle was built shortly after the conquest by the 1st Earl of Léonas. Within the castle complex the Earl had his own private chapel built. The snow has fallen outside and soon the men will be off to war. Lady Emeline Léonas goes to the chapel to petition with God for the safe keeping of her husband and sons:

Submitted by: peggyjdb

The Hall of Ancient History

In a quiet section of a Medieval University lies the Hall of Ancient History, decorated with flags, ornate floor patterns, a castle-like roof to symbolize the emblem of Medieval History, adorned pillar and arches, and a stained-glass window.

Submitted by: gid617

The Palace of Lorean

Deep inside the city of Dalmunutha, capital of Loreos, stands the proud palace of Prince Lorean. Built after he conquered the petty states and founded the principality of Loreos. He constructed this domicile to endure the test of time and stand as a monument to the triumph and glory of the Loreesi.

For the Glory of Loreos!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Roseberg Castle entrance

Entrance in to the main castle on Roseberg estate.

Submitted by: mencot

The window of light

Submitted by: Takkata

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