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Entries for Castle


A castle built near the mouth of a small river. The entire thing comes apart on the basplates for easy transportation and as with all of my castles, every level of almost every building can be lifted off to acess the inside for even better playability.

Submitted by: Tastymuffins

Alkebrien Castle

A castle Being Raided by Skeletons.

Had A lot of fun building this! The colors of Green, Dark grey, Light grey, Blue, And Light Blue, Are all completely gone from my collection! I do hope you like what I was able Whip up, with my small (ish) collection.

I have Duplo pieces in the Pond, and VERY useless Train Pieces in the castle walls... hint...hint.... @the Cross-category awards...

Submitted by: Takkata

Aughnanure Castle

Standing on a wind-swept peninsula on the western coast of Ireland, Aughnanure Castle is the chief stronghold of the O'Flaherty clan. They are just now receiving an important visitor, Mark O' Tipperary.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Black Wing Castle

A powerful outpost of the Black Falcon order. This fortress was designed to withstand sieges, but in these peaceful times the small market has grown busy as well. The king has come out to give a public speech and bless his knights headed to tournament.

Submitted by: Goddin

Bronzewick Castle

Bronzewick Castle, a serene fortress atop a granite plateu, the domacile of Lord Barthalamew

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Burg Lyndwormsfald

A long time ago a dragon was fought at the site of a waterfall. To pay tribute to the victorious hero, a castle was built, where the dragon was slayn.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Caislean Bhaile Atha Troim

Inspired from castle Trim in Ireland. Here the surrender of the castle to the men of Edward the third after Roger Mortimer's demise.

Submitted by: GillesGaer


Castle of Dragon Knights

Submitted by: Komar

Castle New Beginnings

This castle was built as realistic as possible for castles in England. (There are castles with yellowish/tan bricks in England.) You will notice there are no trees within this build for no castle would have trees close to it, as they had been used for building the castle, furniture, and firewood. There is a wooden walk way extending from tower to tower of this castle, providing access to the upper entry ways for the King did not wish easy access into his castle, which explains the moat, portcullis, drawbridge and multiple arrow slits. Standing on the balcony, you will find our King and Queen dressed in their purple splendor for attending the Violet Ball in a neighboring kingdom. We are at a time of peace, but the army of 65 highly trained Black Falcons remains on guard as their King and Queen prepare for their journey. In true medieval style, the walls are built strong and thick for battle, leaving the tops of the towers the only place for decoration. But as the Queen of our fair castle, does not enjoy large amounts of mud in her castle, the entire courtyard was paved with cobblestones. The land around our castle, while lush and green is meticulously attended to as to provide complete access to the full view around the castle leaving no weak area to defend.

Submitted by: bluesecrets

Castle Prefab

A castle that was built on top the baseplate that came with the Kingdoms chess set. Other prefab pieces include walls, turret tops, catapults, and stairs.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Citadel of the Moon

In the Withered Woods of Kaliphlin lies the Citadel of the Moon, home to the Moon Lord of the Aridesti Elves.

Submitted by: Kayne_

Clattenburg Castle, Normandy, France

Clattenburg Castle has been under siege for the entire winter. The siege has been laid by Baron Abramoviscky of the Kingdom of Chelscky, an ally of the King of France.
Mid spring sees the Kings of England’s reinforcements arrive on the main land, the army being led by The Earl of Léonas. Once the The Earl of Léonas has rendezvoused with the King of England a small force is sent to relieve Clattenburg Castle.
News of the reinforcements arrival spreads across Normandy and the siege is lifted by Baron Abramoviscky who returns to join the King of Frances main army in central France.
The archers and knights at Clattenburg Castle rejoice to see the Earl of Léonas, accompanied by Baron Falcon and four of the Kings knights. The small force brings much needed supplies to the sick and longsuffering troops, who now have jaundice, turning their skin to a sickly yellow. Amongst the supplies are some of the arrows made back in Tigelfáh and a new catapult.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Falworth Keep Revisited

Falworth Keep, a castle perched on the cliff of the western shore of the Lion Kingdom.

Far below the castle, the cliffs are wet from the swells of the sea, which dashes upon the rocks in foaming waves.

Surrounding the castle proper are thick woods, in which abound foresters of the band of Will o' th' Black. They are a scourge to the neighborhood - The castle garrison are kept busy scouring the countryside in search of them. But the peaceful inhabitants of the castle believe the band would never dare to attack the Keep itself.

Little do the occupants of the castle realize that... the rogues are climbing the keep wall this very moment! And the band of Will O' th' black may well take the Keep!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

james & lucy holmes

a colorful kids castle

Submitted by: jamesb

Lionsgate Castle

This is the last step for my medieval landscape.
Lionsgate Castle.
The castle is designed with octagonal and round towers in different sizes.
With some new building techniques, X-shutters with two colors, half rounded windows with stained glass and some other more.

Submitted by: maydayartist

Modrijeka Castle

A Falcon castle located on the southern edge of Garheim along a river.

Submitted by: Eklund

Nottingham Castle

My own vision of Nottingham Castle from movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'.

Submitted by: LL


This story tells us a tale of a gorgeous and rich land now buried under the sands: An old castle called Ras-al-Jabar was built hundreds of years ago by Emir of Rabaat in the southern realm of Mamlakat. The Salam river runs through these lands and it is the main source of fresh water and fish. Ras-al-Jabar is the center of trade and learning. Markets impress everyone by rich variety of products from all over the world. Ras-al-Jabar's library is still the largest in the southern region. This castle provided safety and defence to the whole land. But its greatness fell when The Dark times began...

Submitted by: Fianat

Rochester Castle

Strategically placed astride the London Road, guarding an important crossing of the River Medway, this imposing fortress has a complex history of destruction and rebuilding.

Its Norman tower-keep of Kentish ragstone was built about 1127 by William of Corbeil, Archbishop of Canterbury, with the encouragement of Henry I and was the Bulwark of defense for Southeastern England.

In 1215, garrisoned by rebel barons, the castle endured an epic siege by King John. Having first undermined the outer wall, John used the fat of 40 pigs to fire a mine under the keep, bringing its southern corner crashing down. Even then the defenders held on, until they were eventually starved out after resisting for two months.

Submitted by: Fraslund

Round Castle

A Lion Knight Castle surrounded by a lake, featuring a large keep, stables, church, and barracks.

Submitted by: UKver2.0

Royal Estate of Lionstone

The Royal Family was looking for a nice spot to build their new palace: they needed a cosy but quiet home to spend their holidays. They chose an island an the edge of their land. But there was a problem: the villagers weren't happy with their new neighbours and they decided to undermine the king and his family...

Submitted by: Jalkow

The Desert Spring

Submitted by: yanakin

The Old Monastery

Submitted by: Wineyard

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