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Entries for Daring Escape

A Daring Escape!

Part 1: While three of the king's guards were on patrol, out in the forest green, they came upon a corrupt youth that had slain one of the King's prized Royal Deer. Observing this heinous and obvious offense, the guards promptly seized him and dragged him forthwith off to the castle.
Part 2: The very moment they reached the castle, they erected a gallows at the tip-top of a tower. Disregarding the lad's pleas for mercy, they tightened the noose and shoved him off the wall. To their great astonishment, he slashed out a concealed dagger and sliced the rope in two. Screaming and waving his arms, he fell four stories into the moat below. A deafening "SPLASH" echoed off the castle walls.
Part 3: After the guards hoisted the poor wretch out of the fishy water, they brought him before the king, who had made inquiries as to the source of all the tremendous ruckus. After hearing the lad's tale, told by both him and the guards, the King, so impressed by his death-defying bid for freedom, gave him a full pardon and made him a game warden of the forest!

Submitted by: Brother Steven

A Final Escape

Part 1
For the past month, Ryclen had been playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the guards of a large town, which was under control of a lord who was after Ryclen's head. After a long and nerve-wracking few weeks of avoiding arrest, he finally slipping out of town inside a caravan, thanks to some informants. However, it became clear that one of his informants had betrayed him when, less than an hour after he escaped the town, soldiers bearing the lord's colors and insignia sprang out from the rocks and shot the driver of the caravan. Several knights on horses and men-at-arms on foot quickly rushed out to surround him. Even the lord's hunting dogs guarded him closely. At that moment, he knew it was finally the end of the line for him.

Part 2
Ryclen was taken to a prison tower on the coast under heavy guard, and was locked into what he was told was the vilest, lowest, and least maintained dungeon in the tower. He was also told that he was to be moved the next day, to the lord's castle for torture and eventual execution. However, a glimmer of hope appeared when the guard received a casket of fine but heavy ale, and spent half the night drinking and the other half sleeping. The guards had searched Ryclen, but did not find the lockpick in his hat, which he went to work with now. It wouldn't take him more than an hour, he estimated. But the true challenge lay ahead, getting out of the prison alive.

Part 3
Ryclen quietly reacquired his personal effects, and almost made it to the keep before a sentry spotted him. The walls and halls were soon teeming with soldiers, and Ryclen was chased by platoons until he had nowhere to run. With no other choice he made his wall to the top of the tower at the edge of the sea. At the end of the final hallway he could see a window, and beyond, a horizon of water and sky. With nowhere else to go he smashed through the window, clutching his hat, and down to the churning sea below.

Submitted by: Ryclen

A Snowy Escape

Part 1. As I continued on my journey through the forest, I was shocked to see a band of brigands guarding the road ahead. I quickly realized my only escape from this perilous situation was to dash into the woods and attempt to lose the pursuing outlaws in the thick forest.

Part 2.
Unfortunately for me the thick forest soon turned into a open plain, and I could hear the rogues gaining on me with every step. Just then the ground beneath me heaved and groaned like some huge beast that had been awakened! I realized I was running atop a pond, and the ice was cracking beneath me! As I skidded my way across the ice, I heard a tremendous splashing and glanced back to see the outlaws toppling through the ice straight into the water.

Part 3.
I eased my pace as the cries and roars of my late pursuers died behind me, but on the path ahead marched some of the King's knights, and they inquired if I had seen a band of outlaws that had been causing trouble. I told them... If you hurry, you can save them from drowning in yonder pond, for they have been chasing me for the last mile of my journey. The knights with hurried thanks rushed towards the pond I had indicated. I continued on my way with a broad smile upon my face.
The End.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

An Oath of Revenge

Part 1: Tybalt is getting forced away by two Royal Guards for stealing one of the Kings steers from a near-by field.

Part 2: Tybalt is known for his beastly ways when angry. After being locked away deep beneath the earth’s surface for many, many years, he finally escapes to freedom and plans “An Oath of Revenge” against the King.

Part 3: After escaping imprisonment, Tybalt has gathered a group of Northern and Eastern Orcs to aid him in getting revenge against the King. What’s taking place is an epic battle of mass proportions.

Submitted by: Justin M

Arrest, Escape, Inhume

What is the best way to break into a castle? Have the guards escort you in, of course. All you need to do then is break out...

Submitted by: Becheman

Bang Bang Powder

I present my entry for the Daring Escape Category of CCCX. Maybe somewhat unusually it consists of a short play in three acts.

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford

Black Falcon Rescue

Lion Knights captured a commander of Black Falcon army. They want to hang him...

Submitted by: vegeta25

Caught in Sherwood Forest!

Robin Hood is tricked into capturing two soldiers, which leads to his capture by the Sheriff of Nottingham! The soldiers are rewarded, and Robin must get ready for his own escape!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Submitted by: Bricksmith1221

CCCX: The End of the Road

So this was it. At the law had found me, and no longer was I the invincible bandit. A spear bit deep into my leg, I stumbled to the ground. Crawling back I turned to face justice, and waited silently for my sentence.

Submitted by: LukeClarenceVan

Escape from the Rogue tower

Part I

As told by Sir Tharkin...
I was out taking a leisurely stroll in the woods where upon I stopped to enjoy the sight of a beautiful birch tree and rested upon a nearby rock. Then, over the sound of the birds chirping and the wind whistling its way through the trees, I heard a faint cracking - a crunching! At first I thought nothing of it; a wild turkey perhaps, or a squirrel. Yet the sound repeated and I was but just reaching toward the hilt of my sword when two scruffy road side bandits jumped out from amongst the brush!

O, I fought spectacularly, the sun glinting off the blade of my sword, as it made a slithering crash upon the sword of the rogue. Alas I was overpowered, and they bound my hands and marched me off into the glen....

Part II

...they marched me through the glen for what seemed like hours, when suddenly, a shape loomed up from within the misty trees. A tower! Surly it was not of their make, for it was to well-constructed and beautifully detailed. the rouges must have found it abandoned, and refurbished. They imprisoned me inside a musty dark cell and left me their to ponder my fate. I soon realized that the motive of the fiends was to ransom me, and I strengthened my resolve not to let so much as one coin of gold leave my nations coffers on my behalf! I waited until the cover of twilight before smashing in the ornate window and tossing down a rope I had created using my moldy bedsheets. Upon reaching the forest floor, I scampered off into the night and was long gone before they woke...

Part III

...and so the tale ends here in this grimy little tavern, my friend, with me recounting my adventure to you.

"But what of the bandits? Surely they will seek revenge?"

Indeed, they will try, however they will most certainly not catch me off guard again! I will be well prepared if they are foolish enough to strike again...

Submitted by: friskywhiskers, Sir Tharkin

Escaping from Africa

Part 1.
I sailed out from Genoa with a feeling I would have some adventure and excitement on my voyage to the Levant; little did I know the vessel in which I was traveling would be attacked and destroyed by a fleet of Moorish pirates! I would have most certainly have drowned like my poor companions, but I just managed to climb aboard some wreckage. I stood up and looked about to find out where I was... That was my big mistake. A pirate vessel that had obviously arrived too late to help its allies, came up to where I was floating, and then one of the crew yelled in their coarse language, "Aha! By the beard of Allah, we are too late to fight, but look! Here is a wealthy Frankish merchant judging by his fancy garments! We can secure a large ransom for his safe return!" The rest of the ruffians grunted their approval of this awful scheme. It was then that I wished I had not worn my best suit…

Part 2.
After three days of sailing In the hands of the Moorish pirates, I arrived on the coast of what must be Africa, however, I didn't get a long look at the place for I was swiftly thrown into a small building with barred windows.
I immediately began thinking of a way to escape. So a few days later, at the time I expected my guard to enter, I placed myself next to the window and pressed my face against the bars. When the guard came in I exclaimed, "Who is that damsel there? She is very beautiful, and she passes here frequently."
The guard jumped to the window and looked out, As he did so, I slipped his dagger out of his sheath and hid it in my trousers, meanwhile I said, "Do you see her just going around the corner there? Ah! She is gone..." The guard stepped back and grunted, "I never get to see any beautiful damsels about in this wretched place!" He then lurched out of the room, but not without carefully locking the door behind him. Unfortunately for the pirates, I now had the means of unlocking that door...

Part 3.
The lock to my cell door easily gave way, it being so old and little used. As soon as I stepped out into the street I realized my uncomfortable position, here I was stranded without a penny in a pirate-held town in deepest Africa. I figured the best way out of this scrape was to steal a boat and make for the sea, I found three small fishing boats and the pirate vessel that brought me here. I sneaked onto the pirate vessel and found that it was filled with provisions ready for departure, so I raised anchor and sailed boldly out of the bay just as the sun came over the horizon. I praised the saints for my good luck and set my course for home! I can't wait to see the look on my friends' faces when I sail into Genoa as the captain of a Moorish galley..."
The End

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

In, out, and back in again.

Robert has finally been captured and put into prison. His partner in crime, Louie, quickly digs a tunnel for him to escape. Afterwards they rob a wealthy merchant and are making off with their loot, but the how far will they get with it?

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Robin Hood's escape

Three scenes based on movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' showing his and his friend's escape from prison.

Submitted by: LL

The good, the bad and the scammed

First the knight hands the outlaw, he captured, to the local authorities in exchange for a reward. Before the outlaw can be punished, he helps him to escape by shooting the rope. Finally they meet again at the knight's castle where the share the reward and plan to play the trick on the next town

Submitted by: KumpelKante

The King's Treasure

Part 1: Captured!
Quietly my friends and I traversed the city heading for the royal palace intent on getting our hands on the treasure in the kings secret chamber. We got there just as the guard was doing his rounds. After waiting patiently for him to pass we snuck through the door and silently went to the chamber. The king of course was gone as we had planed the robbery for tonight because he was visiting a different city. We ran in and grabbed the treasure and raced back out. In a few minutes we had reached the door, then we pushed it open and ran out but the guard saw us and started chasing us. We had to drop the royal treasure and decided to jump off the neighboring cliff however unfortunately I didn’t make it and got captured by the guard who brought my to the dungeon to wait for the kings return…
Part Two: In the Dungeon!
Now I'm in the dungeon. The king told me that if I told him about the secret hiding place of my friends he would let me go. I wasn't sure what to do, but then my friends came into my dungeon. I was sleeping and all of the sudden I woke up and on top of me there was a knife! I moved quickly out of the way and was just in time because it hit the mattress right next to me. I saw that it was my friend, who obviously wanted to make sure I didn't give away their hiding place. I was chained up but still faster than he was. Soon I had stabbed him with his own knife but now my other friend was in the room! He jumped on top of me, but we were being very quiet so the guard would not hear us. I soon got rid of him too and threw both out the window (after chopping them in pieces), just in time because a few minutes later the guard came and gave me lunch!
Part Three: Before the King
I was told then that I was going to be brought before the king tomorrow. So I took the knives and hid them in my pants. Then I worked as hard as I could to loosen my chains. Finally they came part way off, and I decided to wait for the rest until later, since they would be easy to break now with a good tug. When I was brought before the king I looked carefully around waiting for the right moment to strike. Right when everyone was bowing in front of him I snapped my chains and pulled out my knives. Then it was easy to knock the guards down since they were hardly even looking. Right away I ran to where I knew the treasure was. Then I took it and ran through the palace to our hiding place as fast as I could! Now the treasure was mine!

Submitted by: gid617

The Robber's Lair

In the midst of a beautiful scene, where the green of the foliage contrasted with the watery blue of a rippling stream, a boat floated gracefully onwards. The inhabitants rested on their oars for a minute, observing the lovely cascade that confronted them. A smaller waterfall marked the beginning, and oddly enough, beside it, on a rocky eminence, lay a hut. As they gazed, two men suddenly sprang out from it, down the rocky slope with a furious yell! An arrow whizzed through the air, and the man who had been sitting in the back of the boat toppled backwards with a cry. Instantly the other two grasped the situation, but the outlaws, with lightning speed, dragged the boatman away to his doom.

Raz was now captured, and his two captors marched him mercilessly across the countryside, until they reached their hideout. But one of the two, Raz noted, did not seem as eager as the other. He seemed the nominal leader, but the other man, Tardiff, watched every move he made. Kaflar ignored this; he seemed to be used to it, but secretly he planned and plotted, and waited for his time to come.

The weeks crawled slowly by. One day Tardiff and a few of his companions went off on a mission of their own. For three days nothing seemed to happen. But, on the third day, Kaflar received permission to take Raz on a mission of his own, off to the east. For the first few miles they walked in silence, but gradually Raz noticed that they were no longer heading east. Eventually Kaflar told him his plan; he wanted to leave the robber band and join with Raz and his friends. After many days of searching they finally met, and Kaflar joined Raz and the rest of his group in their adventures.

Submitted by: gid617

Troll Escape

Captured by trolls didn't sit well with our man, so after many long months spent growing his beard, he dug his way out, and escaped into the pine forest which ran alongside the border of the Trolls Kingdom. He quickly joined up with a band of outlaw, to extract justice on the Trolls.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

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