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Entries for Fantasy Castle Figure

A Native Member of the Wolfpack

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

Armored Lancer

Riding a powerful warhorse, and covered head-to-foot in steel plate armor, this elite warrior packs a massive punch to those who would dare to stand in his way.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Beastman witch doctor

Witch doctors are spiritual leaders of beastman tribes.

Submitted by: Burlogh

Castle Ranger

My castle ranger guard guy. in the middle of the latest Dragon raid, this ranger decided to climb to the top of a mountain and fight dragons... not the brightest of ideas but it worked for him :D

Submitted by: Takkata

CCCX Auberon

I'm sorry, I can't figure out why a different thumbnail is showing up here. - Bruce

Submitted by: Javan


He is the bringer of doom. For those that enter before him know their fate is sealed, and those that enter after do so without hope.

Submitted by: Quickblade22

Darian DarkCloak

Darian is an assassin, trained in the arts of killing.

Submitted by: Elderon


Diablo..King of Living Dead, Lord of Destruction, Emperor Army of Darkness comes to Your CC world to crush the Living and to punish the dead Minifigs!!!

Submitted by: Gothano


Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn, is a rare individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a Dragon, but the body of a mortal, and can naturally learn and speak their ancient and powerful tongue.

Submitted by: Tanotrooper

Elvaan Paladin

Elvaan paladin, pretty much based on the Final Fantasy XI game. For the CCC10 I wanted to make a castle figure without using customs.

Submitted by: pj_bosman


His golden blades were glimmering even as the sky was covered in clouds as he flew over the jagged cliffs known as Dragon heights.
His name was Falkor!
The last of his tribe, he had dedicated his life to protect this part of the land from greedy warlords and unspeakable monsters from the dark side of the mountains.

Submitted by: david_hirdman

Fire Avengers!

The renown Fire Avengers blast through deserts and mountains, ready to defend any who need their help!

Submitted by: gid617

Fiérce the Dryad

Dryads like Fiérce come from the barren, harsh part of the forest. Hardened by the ages, their bark becomes virtually impenetrable for sword and arrow. Called by magic and driven by hatred, they defend the forests with their claws.

Submitted by: Wardancer

Flörik Yhonisson

Flörik Yhonisson
A young woodland ranger, he hunts and traps the wild game for an honest living, and is renowned for his impressive skill. Wealthy men pay him handsomely for safe guidance across the great and dangerous black forests, for he knows all secret (and safer) trails. Clad in forest green, he carries an imposing War Scythe, and a handy short sword... often used for carving and skinning. His homemade hood and cape protect him from the harsh environment in which he abides. He is truly a master of the forest primeval.

Submitted by: Brother Steven


Furor Queen of the Fae gave trespassing mortals a warning. She only gives 1

Submitted by: Fraslund

Goblin Marauder

The thundering of hooves, the rattling of chains, a high pitched scream... Run and hide! The merciless Goblin Marauder has arrived!

Submitted by: andhe

Golden Paladin

Ernie, the Golden Paladin, patrols the lands, fighting injustice and villainy wherever it rears its ugly head. Wielding the mighty sword Excalibert, he is a formidable swordsman, as many a fallen warrior of evil can attest to.

This is a re-submission, as the first submission had incorrect picture sizes, and my forum membership hadn't been approved yet so I just wanted to make sure this got through.

Submitted by: Lord Mercat

Grandmaster Macht Gorgonius of the Order of Areani.

(leader) of the Order of Areani.
The Areani are a special order of knight/assassins, bent on the destruction of injustice and rebellion, and as to their leader, his very name inspires fear in the hearts of his enemies, He knows what happens in every alleyway, thanks to agents in every village and street corner. on the battlefield this man is a terror to behold, with his winged helmet, chain maile cape, and razor sharp sword, he is a force to be reckoned with. Beware the Areani!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Hain Surefoot

Hain spent his childhood learning how to survive on his own in the forest. As he grew, he trained extensively in the use of the bow and sword, so that someday he could defend his homeland from outside dangers.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44


Heroes are brave, brave people, tall, muscley, and scantily clad, successfully killing dragons every day!

Submitted by: The Timinater

Heroica Orc

A Heroica orc SUPERSIZED!

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Highland Shaman

Submitted by: andhe

Hippo Gryph

Submitted by: Griffon

King of the Death

When the King and his army didn't comply to their oath and forsaked to help their lord, the King and his men were denied their eternal rest until the oath was fulfilled. Now, the King sees an opportunity to do so with the return of his former lord's heir, by fighting alongside him in the most desperate of times.

Submitted by: Tanotrooper

Lord Drake

A powerful Crown Knight lord, Lord Drake is.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Mardoff Wolfgang the Northman

Living within the vast, frozen, rocky woodlands, Mardoff Wolfgang the Northman is unfazed by frost or foe alike. Armed to the teeth with his iron dagger and great bow of white oak, inlaid with ebony wood. No one knows where he obtained this masterpiece of a weapon, but it is his most prized possession. His tall pointed hood and his heavy cloak make him impervious to the deep and damp cold. This hunter greatly enjoys the thrill of the chase, even in the company of renegades and bandits.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Medieval Angel

Lego Medieval Angel based on a traditional medieval design angel commonly found in drawings and stained glass during the 12th to 15th centuries. Complete with mini angel wings, tunics, staff and Lego halo!

Submitted by: LegoFabs

Minotaur shaman

As master of earth and weather magic, minotaur shaman supports her clan in a peaceful way. But never underestimate her, she is a deadly warrior when needed!

Submitted by: Burlogh


The lord of all the oceans and waters of the earth rises from the depths of the sea. Pulled by his trusted servants he speeds across the oceans to do his business. The dolphins seem to enjoy it too.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Occelot, the Royal Knight.

One of the knights in the Kings personal royalguard.

Submitted by: mencot

Radagast the Brown

Something is wrong with the forest. Creatures grow ill or flee. A nameless darkness casts it shadow across the woods. They call it Mirkwood nowadays.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Ragnel Tartaros

The fearsome commander of Mercury Company- Captain Ragnel Tartaros is a sight to behold. Wielding the legendary Laevatein, Captain Tartaros, known also as the Crimson Scourge, has mercilessly cut down all who have come to face he and his army of cutthroats, leaving naught but fire and blood in his wake.

This is a re-submission, as the first submission had incorrect picture sizes, and my forum membership hadn't been approved yet so I just wanted to make sure this got through.

Submitted by: Lord Mercat

Raistlin Majere

The greatest and most tragic archmage of the world of Krynn

Submitted by: Kayne_

Shepard Kanin

Fantasy Castle Figure Category in the CCCX
Made using a custom Khrinn head, made by Tim

Submitted by: Hayden.

Specter of Plague

The Specter of Plague was feared by all, as in his path, be it through the air or on the earth, followed incurable disease which devastated many a town.

Submitted by: Ryclen

The Black Knight

Come back here and take what's coming to you. I'll bite your legs off!

Parts used here are non-production and modified, to reflect the customisable nature of this category. The Black Knight is the main figure, however, in his reduced form, King Arthur and Patsy have also made an appearance : )

Submitted by: Becheman

The Brown Wizard

Submitted by: JacksonWilliams

The Daughter of Fire

Hunted by those who fear what they do not understand, Cinder has been surrounded by chaos since her powers first manifested as a teen. She prefers solitude and peace, but won't hesitate to unleash a maelstrom of flame upon any threats.

Submitted by: rogue27

The Northern Giant

Beware all those who travel to the far north! Should your errand be friendly, you will fare well, but if not the mythical Northern Giants will swoop down from their retreats, crushing any who stand in their way!

Submitted by: gid617

The ultimate knight

Submitted by: papat08

Thorwald with Bearcart

Thorwald is a wandering blacksmith with a bearfriend. He travels along the roads of the middlelands. (inspired by my pen and paper char thorwald from the german pen and paper The black Eye.)

Submitted by: ThorwaldBlacksmith


Once a little boy lost in dark forest! Peasants knew that forest full of magical creatures leader by an old wizard, so nobody enterpise to search him. After two years wondered the boy still alive, but didn’t find exit, the wizard patronized him. The wizard felt he hadn’ t to much time until death. Gave his knowledge to the young boy and a magical scepter…
The boy name was: Tinnunculus! He back home and became the priest of the army.

Submitted by: vegeta25


At dawn War trotted into the graveyard on his red destrier. I watched him from my hiding place behind the catacomb entrance. He stood in silent vigil over the unmarked grave for an hour. The land around grew dark and silent. Even his great beast of a horse stood shock still.

He left on thundering hooves. For the rest of the day the frantic news was of villages pillaged and farmland burned. Tomorrow I will be busy in the graveyard.

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford

Winter Knight

Submitted by: MrViking

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