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Entries for Forest Life

... so bring me my broadsword

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

A Break by the Lake

Four foresters flushed and happy from the exertions of the last hunt rest their tired selves next to a crackling campfire, overlooking the still blue waters of the placid lake.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

A Marching Soldier's Life

A band of Loreos Warriors marches through a rare forest, towards the climbing slope to the montain fortress, part of which features here.

Submitted by: The Timinater

A Merry Hunt

The foresters traveled through the woods, hunting for deer. In the peaceful shade of the red oak and yellow poplar, the creek bubbled and trickled along its merry way. The foresters hadn't seen a deer in over three days, but they kept optimistic, with their classic smile firmly placed on their faces.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

A mushroom gatherer

This is Autumn, and the forest is covered by amazing colors. There are also mushrooms which grow in the wet undergrowth ..
Martin, a little farmer of Burgundy, lives peacefully in the countryside. Nevertheless, he wants to embellish his meals with a few mushrooms. Chanterelles, ceps and other boletuses, there is the choice ! Still it is necessary to find them ... and not to confuse them !

Submitted by: Dark Imperator

A Ranger's hunt

Submitted by: Berengar

Boar Hunt

Submitted by: mpoh98

Cave Explorers

Submitted by: jamesuniverse

Deer Hunt

A hunter is out hunting deer and found some tracks.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Elf Guards Of Mirkwood

In the midst of the Mirkwood forest runs an enchanted stream closely guarded by elves that protect and repel any unwarranted visitors. These elven guards patrol not only the forest floor, but also the canopy with their uncanny ability to leap from tree top to tree top.

Submitted by: ACPin

Entering Lord Marvran's Palace

After traveling through Lenfald for days Lord Tathann and his men finally arrive at the gat to Lord Marvran's Palace.

Submitted by: royalbrickcustoms

Firefly Forest

As Amos gazed through his telescope up into the heavens at the glittering stars, he also noticed some other glimmering lights in his lens. As he looked up, the air around him came alive with thousands of flickering fireflies. Just below Amos's treehouse, the rest of the forester village lies hidden deep in the green wood. The merry campfire with the lads roasting marshmallows, the rangers returning from their evening hike, and the happy camaraderie all made a pleasant atmosphere.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Forest Ambush

During our daily routine, to our dismay, we were waylaid by a gang of bandits...

Submitted by: Stoneboys

Forest in Mitgardia

Just a peaceful scene of life in a forest.
I bought my little brother some leaves for his birthday (about a week before Christmas) and he got me some and some forestmen for Christmas, also I received a PAB cup with the red flowers and some grass. So we did this together to use the new pieces.
Hope you enjoy :)

Submitted by: soccerkid6

forest-mens camp

One day,while the forest-men were looking for a place to set up camp,they came across a magnificent waterfall.They saw a narrow cave with something shiny in it.They set up camp and decided to explore the cave in the morning.Look closely at the pictures to see what the shiny thing was!

Submitted by: martin, kayleigh

Frog Legs in the Forest

Two travelers prepare a freshly caught lunch in the forest, but will they be able to eat it in peace?

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Great Northern Gray Wolf Pack

The Great Northern Gray Wolf is one of the most fearsome predators in the land of Roawia. As big and powerful as a lion, they roam the forests of Lenfald and wastelands Garheim in packs of three to five, overwhelming any prey they encounter. Fortunately for the people in these lands, they do not care for human flesh but prefer deer, herd animals, and above all, fattened livestock...which was most unfortunate for Farmer Madeg’s prized milk cows.

Sir Caelan Munro stood poised to strike in case one of the three powerful wolves suddenly lunged forward. They clearly wanted beef for dinner, but since Caelan and his friends had just labored hard to [url=][b]recover these cows from outlaws[/b][/url], and the village they belonged to needed them badly to make it through the coming winter, he’d rather not give them up just yet. The great wolves growled impatiently; they wouldn’t wait much longer for the humans to clear out.
“I believe a very wise archer warned you not to take cows into this forest,” Caelan’s archer, Tavish, chided. “Doesn’t look like a great short cut now, does it?”
“Point taken,” Caelan admitted quickly. “How many shots would it take?”
“Three to four,” Tavish answered grimly.
“That is not so bad.”
“Per wolf,” Tavish corrected. “You get the other two wolves to yourself.”
“I’d...rather share…” Caelan flashed his sword several times quickly to let the wolves know that there would be a price for their dinner. They didn’t like it, and suddenly growled in unison. This startled the pack horse, which snorted nervously. Caelan’s squire, Sholto, tried to calm the brute down but it reared up instead, throwing off it’s burden. As one of the sacks hit the ground, there came a metallic clang from the pots in it.
The wolves jumped slightly, confused by a sound they had never heard before today. Caelan’s eyes lit up and without looking back he yelled at Sholto, “Lad, pick those pots up and bang them together as loud as you can!”
“What!? ...Sir, I…”
“Do it!” growled Caelan, almost as nastily as if he were a wolf himself.
The second bang startled the wolves again. Now Sholto understood the trick, and to his great credit the squire ran forward banging them as loud as he could. Completely unnerved, the three beasts turned and bolted.
Seconds passed as they quietly watched them run off. It was over, for now. “Let’s get these bovine out of this forest,” Caelan concluded.
Sholto beamed up at him, quite proud of himself. When Caelan drew himself up and raised his sword, Sholto even thought he was about to be knighted. His hopes were soon dashed.
Caelan suddenly whacked him on the backside and pronounced, “I dub thee, Sir Pots and Pans.”

Submitted by: Caelan

Guardian of the Forest

Upon exiting the forest, the group unexpectedly encounters its guardian. Everyone is terrified but their guide, who knows that the "beast" is merely saying hello before they leave. (No pun intended)

Submitted by: Tiberius_XXVII

Knights' Plea

Their beloved king struck down on the battlefield, the crown knights bring their dying king to the black forest to the legendary apothecary guild; the Forest Magi, hoping for ancient remedies that will save their liege.

Submitted by: Fraslund`

Mirkwood Patrol

Here we see Legolas leading a patrol of elves through Mirkwood.

Submitted by: crazycrownieguy

Preparing Wood for the Winter

Submitted by: LettuceBrick

Radagast's House

Submitted by: kylekreations

Robin Hood

An epic battle between Sir Guy,and Robin Hood

Submitted by: The Timinater

Robin Hood

A small waterfall in the forest. Isn't that the perfect place for a forestman?

Submitted by: Buurli

Secret Gathering

A gathering of many mythical creatures to discuss the growing problem of Humans.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

the bamboo forest of doom

Here we see Rufus Song about to leave on one of the most dangerous journeys of his life, to travel through the Bamboo forest.

Submitted by: crazycrownieguy

The Forestmen life

Submitted by: papat08

The Hunt

Forest guard Fester would soon to be realize that there was also something else dwelling in the Lenfald woods than wild animals, hungry for human flesh. A quest for survival, the hunt for life.

Submitted by: mencot

The Last Fernwood Tree

A Lenfel patrol found a dying Fernwood Tree in the Wandering Woods - with heavy hearts they decide to cut it down before it poisons the surrounding trees with it's malice.

Submitted by: mitah

The Woodchopper's Hut

Hidden deep in the forest stands the hut of a woodchopper, surrounded by a small clearing and overlooking a beautiful lake.

Submitted by: gid617

They can't be serious!

"Please go and collect our christmastree"
they said...........

"It is marked with a pink star on top"
they said..........

Yeah right!

Submitted by: Griffon


Winter is coming quickly in the land of Lenfald, and many a brave hunter is heading off into the forests to bring back animals and furs for the coming cold. While traveling through the woods, hunters will oftentimes pass by the TreeSpire, an ancient Lenfel watchtower of old. The curving tower has been a symbol of strength and heartiness for many a Lenfel.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Wild Pumpkin

Kroth Stonegrinder discovers a giant pumpkin growing in the forest.

Submitted by: gurusql

Woodchopper Hut

A small hut where the forestmen can rest after a hard day of work.

Submitted by: Peter de Yeule

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