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Entries for An Ill Advised Journey

'We Were Too Trusting'

With a loud *SNAP*, the board fell away underneath Arrow-gone, and with a shriek of despair, he tumbled down into the quick-flowing river beneath. Leg-o-lamb softly muttered to his companion, Gimmie, "Maybe we were too trusting of Sore-man when he said he knew a shortcut into More-Doors..." Gimmie just chuckled, "He squealed like a girl! Harharhar!"

Submitted by: The Timinater

A Perilous Crossing

After departing from Uglehiem, Sir Edwyn began his long trek back to Lenfald. Wanting to make better time, he decided to take a shortcut through the perilous mountain pass, though this soon proved to be a mistake when a wild, gusting blizzard set in. Sir Edwyn suddeny came upon a river where the only apparent means of crossing was a narrow and crumbly rock formation. He slowly began to make his way across, praying not to fall into white roaring water below, for that would surly bring his end. Upon chancing a downward glance , Sir Edwyn wondered if this wasn't an Ill Advised Journey...

Submitted by: friskywhiskers

A Song from the Woods

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

All at Once

The country folk have fled to the mountains to seek refuge from war. Little did they know it had arrived there already.

Submitted by: Gom

Ambush In Broceliande

Robin and his companions then crossed France, and they arrived in the forest of Broceliande. They are then witnesses to an ambush.
Indeed, after the death of Richard, Luxley and a handful of brave knights are responsible for reporting the crown in England. What they don't know is that a plot is being prepared in France to overthrow the English crown.
The French are convinced that Richard is in the group of knight returning to England, but this is not the case.
The King of France, Philip Augustus load Godefroy, a English traitor, to kill the Lionheart and seize his crown.


Fouth part of my series on Robin Hood inspired by the Ridley Scott film released in 2010.

Submitted by: TheBrickAvenger

An Ill-Advised Journey

Our hero is Welishu d'Nonbettér, a once-renowned explorer and inventor, banished from the kingdom after his laboratory exploded, setting ablaze the queen's favorite rose garden. He is seeking to regain favor by finding the long-lost royal treasure, stolen years ago by the evil Lord Tekal Yuhaf.

Welishu is accompanied by Kanoshtan Dipipol, a hermit of the northern mountains (eager at the thought of finding stolen treasure), and Meshutiwel Wittibow, a woodland elf who has agreed to be their guide.

Submitted by: KentonL

And where do you think you're going...?

Submitted by: Becheman

Avalanche at Deadman's Gorge

Three merchants by the names of Laurence, Watkins, and Ellerbee, were traveling to the city of Lyme by way of the high road. However, when stopping at a local inn, they were informed that a hostile army had camped on the road ahead. Dismayed by this information they inquired if any other route was to be taken on the way to Lyme. After hearing several different and ridiculous options, and consulting their map, they decided to take the trail through Deadman's Gorge... They later regretted their ill-Advised journey.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Caught in the Crossfire

Laurence, Watkins, and Ellerbee were just barely able to survive their trip through Deadman's Gorge. But, to add to their miseries, no sooner had they exited the wood they found themselves in the center of a impending battle, of the very armies they sought to avoid in the first place! Surely, there was never such an Ill-advised journey to be seen.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Ice Dragon Attack

A band of adventurers encounter a rather angry ice dragon while on an expedition in northern Mitgardia.

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Into the Swamp!

After having barely survived the desert, our poor trader changed his camel for a couple of servants to help him along back home. Of course he opted not to go back the same way... unfortuantly the townspeople suggested the swamp route... and why am I writing this in third person?

This area was not always swamp, long ago it was rocky fortress, and so the inhabitants built themselves an outlook on top of the tallest stone outcropping.

Submitted by: gid617

Never Back Down from a Challenge

Submitted by: Yacapo

Not such a good idea

Allan and Stephen decided to go visit their uncle on the other side of the sea. The weather was not that good, their navigation skills even worse. After just 10 minutes rowing, they managed to shipwreck their boat. Not too long after that, they were about to make a new friend.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Pass of Caradhas

As the Fellowship learns, the Pass of Caradhas wasn't the path that would allow them to pass through the Mountains.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Quest For El Dorado

At the New World's end, will these Spanish explorers have spent their lives in an ill-advised journey on their quest for El Dorado? The legend of the serpentine idol worshipped by a tribe of natives high in the Andes mountains is now a reality but a peaceful ending nowhere in sight.

Submitted by: ACPin

Ride of the Rohirrim

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

Small accident

This is my entry for the CCCX in the An III Advised Journey Category

Warik and his coachman traveling through Vurdania country. Terrible roads, small carelessness and carriage slips into the swamp.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

Stony Gulch

Imagine the surprise and dismay of these poor stone masons upon reaching the terrible sight of Stony Gulch!
On their way to deliver a load of fine hand-cut granite blocks to a castle being built by an extremely wealthy, powerful, and rather crabby customer only fifty miles to the north.
They had purchased a map from a cartographer of rather seedy appearance to save a few coins, for his prices were good and his information guaranteed to be accurate. How misplaced, indeed, was their trust in him! For upon coming 'round a bend, they beheld the forbidding sight of a steep, rocky ravine bridged only by the merest slip of the remains of a rope and board bridge that would scarcely bear a mouse, not to mention two tons of granite being hauled by sturdy oxen!
Now their arrival will be unavoidably delayed, and their only hope is that their irascible client will have a grain of patience and understanding.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

The ambush of forestmen.

Attack of the golden carriage of the princess by forestmen.

Submitted by: papat08

The Drop.

We had only taken the canoe because we needed to follow the river to get home. Ferris had seen it first. After a hard day of trudging along the muddy river bank, we had watched the fisherman pulling it up the shore. Laden down with his catch, he’d set off to his hut. We were out in the middle of the river and paddling hard by the time he’d looked round.

All afternoon we paddled until our shoulders were sore, but then the current picked up. Soon we were being whisked along effortlessly with just a little digging in of the oars here and there to steer. Ferris was proclaiming his genius, “We’ll be home in no time.”

We heard it before we saw it, that thundering roar.
“Watlou! I can’t swim” screams Ferris.
Fool. We’d need to be able to fly to get out of this one.

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford

The Frozen River

Fred was just in a little too much of a hurry for his own good...

Submitted by: LettuceBrick

The Hostile Invite

The old ruined guard tower of Shay’s Bend stood before Sir Caelan Munro as he looked up the narrow pass leading into the Dragonscale Mountains. Farmer Madeg’s prize milk cows stood staring at him dully while chewing their feed.

“Helmet please,” the young knight said to Sholto his new squire. Before the boy could reach for it though Tavish the archer stopped him.
“You’re not thinking of going in there are you?” Tavish shook his head, “Ill-advised. Can’t you see this is an ambush? That feed’s been placed there to get the cows to stay as bait.”
“I wouldn’t dream of turning down this auspicious invitation,” Caelan smirked. They had been tracking the outlaws for days after the cattle raid on Madeg’s village. The outlaws had been heading here for the pass, which had plenty of hideouts in it and allowed for the occasional victim using the route.
“It’s a hornets nest,” Tavish reasoned. “Look, we already got most of the herd back and even brought a few of the raiders to justice on top of that. Let’s at least do some planning here first.”
“I have planned. To put my helmet on and walk in negotiate.”
“Ach!” Tavish knocked an arrow and stated, “The negotiations’ll be short. These cows aren’t worth dyin’ over ya know.”
“Farmer Madeg needs his prize cows,” Caelan joked as he reached for his helmet. But more than the cows was on his mind. He wanted to prove himself to his older brothers, to Madeg’s village, and to himself. And there was always the possibility that his enemy, Borak Feroz, his father’s killer, was in there. And that was all the bait required, ill-advised or not…

Submitted by: Caelan

The Shortcut

"The trolls! The trolls are on the march again! We're doomed!" shrieked the peasant.
"Hold your ground!" spoke the knight, "we will not let these monsters pillage our lands. Stop them! To arms!"
"Are you sure it was a good idea to take this shortcut through the human lands?"
"Of course it was. It will save us at least a full day of travel!"
"Don't you think they're still angry about us pillaging them during the Great War?"
"Nah, they probably already forgot about it by now."
"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Submitted by: Athalus

Through the Desert

I had been told that the next city lied only two day's journey away through the south, but I was mistaken. For five days I have traveled and all that meets my eye is sand and bones, as far as I can see. I have left this under a dead palm leaf, the only vegetation, if such it may be called, to be seen, in the hopes that my story may not be completely forgotten.

Submitted by: gid617

Through The Ruins

"Stay away from the ruins," they said!
"Nonsense," you said, "There's no such thing as necromancers," you said!
Well then, could you explain to me what THAT is!?

Now's really not the time for this!

Submitted by: Tiberius_XXVII

Through White Rose Peak

On an urgent mission to keep peace throughout the lands, the Blue Apothecary and the Red Apothecary cut through White Rose Peak on Mount Luna. However, it appears that the Bat King has his troops encamped there!

Submitted by: Overload

Wrong Way, Ted

Ted Thug wanted to get home in a hurry and had heard that there was a shortcut through the dwarf tunnels. After stopping and asking for directions, Ted was on his way. "Just make sure you don't take a wrong turn, or you'll wind up in the goblin tunnels," they warned him. "Don't worry, you can't miss it." Unfortunately, Ted missed it.

Submitted by: nanuck95

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