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Entries for Center of Learning

CCCX : University of the Five Factions

A University founded by a knight who believed that knowledge is more powerful than sword.

Submitted by: Peter de Yeule

CCCX Centre Of Learning

In the Kingdom of Loreos, scientists are paid to study all things undiscovered.

Practise of magic, exploding experiments, and changing coal into gold are all daily occurences.

Submitted by: The Timinater

Cloister of St. Studmore's Abbey

St. Studmore's Cloister is a bustling place with student's attending lectures and a busy scriptorium producing books.

Submitted by: tedward

Library Days

Fairly well-to-do noblemen and hard working peasents send their children to the Universties for and education, and the heart of any University is it's Library. And while some students get their best sleep here, others are, fortunatly, a bit more studious! Behind one shelf hides another student, while behind the last one, a Libarian organizes books!

Submitted by: gid617

Life in the Shade of History

Lokiten and the head mason inspect the result of years of hard work as the grand Rashav Library finally stands finished as a memorial over the resting place of Loki's great grandfather, the founder of Myrikhim Fief.

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

Petraea Dormitory

A dormitory on Petraea University, it has a full interior with some students hard at work and others relaxing in the sun.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Printing Press

Where would students and scholars be without a Prining Press? Screw actually turns. (Unfortunatly, due to his beard, the printer cannot actually reach it. He probably has some really simple solution, but the students speculate that he stands on the graduate's hat conveniently located nearby...).

Submitted by: gid617

Reach the stars

In a small valley in the mountains, old master of astronomy lives with his apprentice.

Completed with easy movable tower's wall and roof of the house.

Submitted by: DeetCr


The Great Library of Sanctuary stands as the greatest store of knowledge in the known world. Travelers come far and wide to seek knowledge from its vast collection and many treaties are drawn here as it is neutral ground and thus outside the direct influence of any one kingdom.

Submitted by: Fraslund

Study of Columbus

Having had a globe in his study for years, Columbus was fascinated with the shape of it. What if world itself would be round? Maybe I should try it out, and see what I'll find.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

The Explorers' Guild

The Explorers' Guild is a place where great explorers and learned travelers meet to share their knowledge of the earth around them.
From far and near, combined information of the lands they traverse and the most detailed maps make planning the next exploration an enjoyable task.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Great Library of Salamackia

There's a lengthly narative on Flickr.

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford

The Incident in the Library

Poor guy hate rats.
Flickr set with bigger pics :

Submitted by: FilipS

The Library of Dorotheus

The quiet, inspiring atmosphere of the library invites the dedicated scholar and seeker of truth to enter therein and peruse the many epistles and volumes stored there. The building was erected by a benevolent Lord for whom it was named, and has been a haven of knowledge and learning ever since, in the midst of the raw feudalism of the province of Loreos.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Toberg Library

Submitted by: bentoft

Tutor's Classroom

Everything the young prince needs to know can be taught him in the tutor's classroom. His tutor is prepared to teach him the use of arms, history, geography and science. The stained-glass window and wooden furniture provide the perfect enviroment for the prince's education.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Submitted by: Bricksmith1221

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