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Entries for Miscellaneous

7016 Viking Boat against the Wyvern Dragon Reimagined

Always liked the use of two smaller boats here, I was pretty pleased with the way I solved the gap! Didn't want to just go with the shield...

Submitted by: gid617

A Feast Fit for Thieves

Deep in the Forest of Aer, next to a great standing stone, once a year, is the site of a great feast. Many do not know that this feast even exists. And those who hold the feast wish to keep it this way. For this is the Feast of Thieves!

For over a hundred generations this feast has been held. Now the location may have changed more than a few times, but for the last 20 generations it's been held in the Forest of Aer.

Once a year, usually around the end of summer and the beginning of the fall, when the peasants are preparing for winter and bringing their crops to market, is when the Feast is held. All the major crime syndicates gather. From the walks of Master Thieves, Assassins and dirty Nobles, they all come together to hold a day of eating and drinking, to celebrate their past achievements, and future heists. A truly great feast, fit for any thieve.

Submitted by: ZacharyIslazy

A petition to Altberg

A lone Ferelden messenger begs Altberg for aid.

Submitted by: Becheman

Alix in Duploland

Alix and Clive drank the bottle that said "Drink me" and now there small.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Assassination at sea

Hrogg, Boufar and Nyfar are off on a mission to Varlyrio and decided hitch a ride with some Kaliphlinian pirates. them being assassins of course after hiding from the crew for 5 minutes they got bored and decided to kill the lot.

Submitted by: Legonardo

Attack of the Kraken!

Dear diary, we have been travelling on open sea for weeks now and today we've finally seen a glimpse of land. I hope we will get there soon because I can't wait to see my love. AARGH! What on earth was that sound?! WHAT? AAAARG!' This MOC shows a ship carrying goods being attacked by a giant squid.

Submitted by: Jalkow

Battle of Fano

The Battle of Fano - also known as the Battle of Fanum Fortunae, was fought in the year 271 between an exhausted Roman force, and the heavily armoured Germanic tribe, The Juthungi.
This battle followed the Battle of Placentia earlier in 271.
At Placentia a Roman army that had been fighting Vandels further north, and led by Emperor Aurelian, was defeated.
This army was also the only Roman army in Northern Italy, and had to be rallied.
As the Juthungi marched towards a defenseless Rome, The emperor broight his deminished force back together and rapidly struck the fast moving army, After some evading the Romans, Aurelian forced a fight, and pinned The Germanic tribe at Metaurus River, just inland of Fano.
After a desperate struggle, the Roman Battle line managed to turn the Germanic charge, and force them into the River.
The Juthungi line fell, and were forced into retreat.
After this, the Romans caught the Juthungi again, this time on the retreat.
After rejecting the Juthungi's claims for safe passage out of their lands, the Romans slaughtered them in the battle of Pavia.

After this there was much celebration in Rome, with Wild stories being told, most of it propaganda, such as the fact the Germanic tribe had harnessed great beasts, partly to revive the Emperors reputation, but also to make just the earlier Roman defeats.
Hence the sue of Minotaur and Cyclops.

For the CCCX miscellaneous category.
Plus for the cross category award, Historian.

Submitted by: Hayden.

Border Ambush

I particularly liked the original

Submitted by: Brother Steven

But the power of the Ring could not be undone

A Last Alliance of Men and Elves (and Dwarves) faced the armies of Sauron on the slopes of Mount Doom. All goes well until the Alliance has to face off against the Dark Lord himself...

Submitted by: Tanotrooper

Camp at the Temple of the Red Ruby

Long, long ago, before Kaligem, the one time capitol of Kaliphlin, was destroyed, a wise and wealthy group of dwarfs, foreseeing the devastation that was to come upon their city, created a chalice of pure gold, that would hold the red ruby, the legendary crystal that led the founders of the city of Kaligem to the location it then had. They built a temple for it, hidden deep in the great escarpment, where the crystal would not be found before the time was ripe, when the wisest man, apart from the leader of Kaliphlin, would find it and, with it, would re-establish Kaligem as a powerful city once more. And to protect this man from his enemies, they created a helmet of protection, that would, it is said, keep him from any harm. Gradually the temple around the ruby decayed, but the inside remained ever new, as beautiful as the day it was built. The time is now ripe, and the people of Nadur, whose city had been destroyed, have come to search for the temple. Finally, they have found it, they are setting up there camp and will soon be scaling the precipice. But they must have caution - who knows what powers lie within? Should the wrong person attempt to remove the helment and chalice, the trap door will open underneath him, shutting him up in the red chamber below!

Submitted by: gid617

CCCX - Farbourne Depths

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and built a entry for the CCCX Miscellaneous Category.
Added Play-ability features are twin LED lights in the bottom chamber that can be turned on/off by the lever on the side.
Its the secret residence of Hayden. Lord of the Eastern Dunes. Built under the harsh sands of Loreos to protect noblemen and their troops should an superior force should attack.
Not designed as a fortress but more like the dungeons of a castle.

Submitted by: Hayden.

CCCX Ambushed in the Woods

Althalios is still on the hunt looking for whatever secret his father's map holds. Now he is traveling on the outskirts of Samavia, in the ol' Woods, looking for that secret that almost seems impossible to find. When in a blink of an eye, he is ambushed by five highwaymen who are ruthless and savage for blood. Whoever told him to come through these forbidden paths for sure gave him An Ill Advised Journey.

Submitted by: Justin M

Crusader's Treasure

After overtaking a Saracen castle, two knights find a hidden wooden door. They break the door down and discover a room full of hidden treasure!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Submitted by: Bricksmith1221

Dragon bridge

Dragon bridge is one of the landmarks of the city Ljubljana where I live. Here it is made of bricks.

Bridges were always a meeting point where people gather when they travel, for business or for pleasure. And this bridge was no exception.

You can find a heavy wagon crossing.
Gipsys with their wagon and dancing bear performance.
Barrel-organ player collecting money.
A rich lady crossing the bridge in the sedan chair.
Wealthy knight passing by with his guards.
Fishermen are active by the river banks.
Craftsman repairing the light.

Old habit was to soak in the dirty river a cheating bakers selling rotten or too light bread. One is in the cage and there is a crowd observing the punishment.

Finally at shadowy bank there is a 'waterman' with big pearl from our local legend attracting a haughty girl to follow him in deep pools to become his 'waterlady'. A price for underwater treasures is to never return to dry land.

Submitted by: subix

Game of thralls

Even the forces of darkness need some time to relax and have some fun. And when that time has come, they come here. Dwarf bowling, poker, pool and just chilling at the bar... It's all possible

Submitted by: Quarktaart

Hang on Lad's, we're off to war

Winter has gone, war has come. The Earl of Léonas sends a squad of men out to press more town’s men into the Earl’s army for the war on the continent.
As the squad marches into town they reflect on the three rebels who chose their current disposition over joining the army. ‘Much better to join the army and chance death with the possibility of gaining loot than hanging out back in Tigelfáh’ they agree with each other.
The three men hung had rebelled against the Earl. At the trial by the constable they had been given the option to join the army or face justice. They chose justice…………..

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Happy Christmas

Christmas has come to Tigelfáh and the Earl, accompanied by his wife, son and the constable visit the town square. As tradition dictates the Earl provides food, wine and a seasonal Falworth tree.

The winter has been tough on the people of Tigelfáh and with the war on the continent increasing pressure on the lives of people the Earl has decided to give a pig to each family.

The men of the town are less trusting though and suspect some twist, maybe they will have to join the king’s army if they take a pig…..

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Invasion of the dark cult

The peaceful village has received unwanted visitors in the form of an evil magician and his band of cultists. Wielding weapons and dark magic they ravage the country under their banners red as blood. Dressed in black and with pale pink faces, which have lost almost all their living yellow color, only the sight of them is enough to make the small folk run in fear. These evil marauders do not hesitate to kill or burn just for their own enjoyment. Their bloodthirst doesn't end even when they have already caught the human sacrifices which the faceless magician needs for his dark rituals. Right now the cultists are occupied with killing or capturing, with the same result, the few survivors hiding in the village. The steel of the brave warriors who tried to defend the village did not suffice against the evil magic that the magician and his cultists wield. In the palisade there is a big hole from the fireball that breached it, which also singed the tree behind.

Submitted by: Gideon

Kelfar castle

This was the 4th castle I had ever made, approximately 3 days after I joined MocPages, and got Helms Deep :D

Submitted by: Takkata

Lizardeye Keep

Lizardeye Keep stands deep in the lands of the Dragon Knights. It's the home of a general who leads the war against the Lion Knights. The keep stands far away from the battle grounds, so there isn't much to do for the guards. The guards who are off duty spend their time at the pubs in the nearby town. The guards that stand on the wall mostly spend their time watching shepherd Larry's goats turn against him.

Submitted by: Deviet


Submitted by: Justin M


Lego 6021 - Jousting Knights Reimagined

Submitted by: vegeta25

Micro-Fig castle battle scene

Regardless of size, danger is everywhere! These mirco-fig scale lands are no strangers to terror! When the dark forces emerge only the forces of good are enough to hold them back! Courage is a necessity in these lands!

Submitted by: Dodge

Mill Village Raid

This is my entry for cccx, as you can see its lego set 7189. I made this set to a moc and i think micellaneous is the right category for it and i hope you like it.

Submitted by: don leopold

Mystic Ice Tower Refuge

Some Mitgardians gather at a recently discovered ice tower along the nothern shores in hopes of resting safely while Victor's elementals ravage Historica...

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Northern Coast Of France

After the attack, Robin tries to find a survivor.
Luxley still lives, he asks to Robin to take his sword and to return it to his father, in Nottingham. Robin accepts and Luxley dies in its feet.
On Luxley, Robin finds a small parchment on which is a route that allowing to find the boat for England. Robin has then an idea, to take the identity of Luxley, his clothes and to return the crown to return in England.

They are thus disguised as soldiers of the royal guarding, and have buried Luxley, whom our four companions are astride towards the Northern coasts of France. In their arrived a boat wait for them. They teach to the captain of the ship that king died and quickly embark.


Fifht part of my series on Robin Hood inspired by the Ridley Scott film released in 2010.

Submitted by: TheBrickAvenger

Ota Castle

Submitted by: blufiji

Philip IV of France

Philip IV of France was nicknamed the Fair (le Bel) because of his handsome appearance, but his inflexible personality gained him other epithets, from friend and foe alike. He was responsible of the extermination of the Templar Knights in the XIV Century.
The Crow is my own desing and it is gold plated.

Submitted by: K3G

Pursuit in Blackhand Bay

During the first Outlaw Crusade, Loreesi and Lenfel fleets scoured and harassed the coasts and the swamps and marshes of the Outlaws. They attacked any vessels they met. Here we see two Loreesi war galleys chasing down some smaller outlaw craft.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Querceto Castle Island

Querceto castle island, mainly based on architecture in Tuscany, Italy. The facades of the big grey/brown tower were inspired by the Castello di Querceto, Pisa region.

Submitted by: pj_bosman

Ring-a-ring o' Roses

Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down

AD 1348, England, Tigelfáh. The Black Death has gripped all of Europe striking a blow to the both sides in the war on the main land.

Tigelfáh is affected just as much as all other towns in England. The children go out of the town and play and unknown to them create the now popular nursery rhyme ‘Ring-a-ring o' roses’*.

Meanwhile another victim is buried out in the fields as the church graveyard no longer has enough consecrated ground for burials**.

*It is possible that the ‘Ring-a-ring o' roses’ has its roots back in the period of the Black Death, although it is more likely to be associated to the Great Plague which happened in England in 1665.

**This is a twist facts to suit this MOC!

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Roman Fortress

Submitted by: JacksonWilliams

Side Tower of Valholl

A tower in the wall of Valholl. Normal wall sections hook on both sides.
Trapdoor and doors open.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

South-Western Entrance to Strongborough.

The south west entrance to Strongborough is, for safety reasons, a simple elevator. It is a quiet section of the city. Yet somehow there is a uproar on the streets.

Submitted by: Elderon

Stoneybrooke Mill

After the harvest, all of the wheat produced by the town of Bladefall is sent to Stoneybrooke mill to be ground into flour. Bread is a staple in the Lenfel winter, as most of the game is hibernating.

Submitted by: friskywhiskers

Surviving the desert

A man seeks shelter near some desert ruins.

Submitted by: Yacapo

The Battle of Dreadmoor

The Crusading army was a shadow of it's former glory, They wearily hoped to strike one more blow to the fiendish Outlaws before retreating, the losses were only growing daily. Some deserted, but even more were cut off and killed by the rebels that surrounded them. But today things were different, the tropical glades around them were silent. The men grew nervous. Then they heard it, like the sound of thunder, but it didn't cease, then they saw the rapidly approaching enemy. The crusaders hurriedly strung their bows and buckled on armor, for the battle was about to begin!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Commerce Guild of Lenfald

Submitted by: friskywhiskers

The Den of Thieves

This is the "Looped Stag Tavern" located in south east Loreos, just by the boarder to south Roawia.
A tavern/inn located up in the hills, hard to find and beyond the laws of Loreos, a refugee and hid out for all kinds of weird dwellers of the lands. Booze pusher, gamling house and also the Roawia thief guild, run by the tavern keeper Loxley. He is the master thief but he wants to give the impression that he is a simple tavern keeper but everybody knows that he isn´t. There is a secret agreement between the Nobles of Roawia and this place as long as they don´t do anything more serious and they get a share of the business, the law will not mess with the activities of the guild.

Submitted by: mencot

The Free Peoples of Roawia

The three free peoples of Roawia - Lenfald, Garheim, Loreos

Submitted by: mitah

The Hall of Duran

Here we see the once great Dwarven hall of Duran, as it is today, a Human military base

Submitted by: crazycrownieguy

The Lands of Classic Castle

Lands of Classic Castle is a MOC-based fantasy world called Roawia which is populated by the members of the Classic Castle forums. The world is broken up into four factions: Garheim in the arctic north, Lenfald in the forests of the northwest, Loreos in the central desert and grasslands, and the Outlaws who are scattered throughout the land, but are more concentrated in the southern mountains and swamps.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

The Mages tower

A Mage in the plains of Nocturnous is returning to his tower after collecting some random mumbo-jumbo to go in some form of potion...

Submitted by: Legonardo

The Mystic Fountain

The Mystic Fountain

There was a legend which told:

Submitted by: Buurli

The pursuit of Aragorn

Here we see the great Aragorn son of Arathorn getting pursued by some angry orcs.

Submitted by: crazycrownieguy

The Temple of Dawn

During a period of peace and prosperity., the Temple of Dawn was a place for shogun, samurai and daimyo to pursue and develop art forms intended to keep the minds of military men off of war.

Submitted by: Glory_Forever

The Tower of Salamackia

Salamackia's Story Part 1

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford

The Unexpected

Unfortunately after a battle at Caer Benowyck with the Albions, Sir Lurikeen
was killed in battle ...
The next day relatives, comrades and fellows
accompany him to his last resting just outside the village of Hibernia.... but little behind an army of Midgards ... are out... for blood

Submitted by: Gunman

The Wolfpack returns

All three Wolfpack-sets made by Lego redesigned in one Moc.

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Tomb of Chorian

Tomb of Chorian

-refuge in the swamplands-

Even Ondylion wasn't safe anymore, so Elon took his people to the tomb of his ancestors.
Deep in the forrests is a beautifull but treacherous swamp with strange rockpillars. In this swamp there is the Chorian tomb. Now the people are making themselves at home there. It took a while getting used to the heat in the swamp because Ondylion knows snow almost the whole year. But they will manage here for now and they will make preparations to strike back!

Submitted by: Ecclesiastes

Treasure-box Coast Castle

Can one kingdom be contained in such a small space? For this realm it seems to be enough. When it feels threatened, all it needs to do is shut the lid!

Submitted by: Dodge

Viking Whaling Outpost

An active Viking whaling outpost processing the recent catch has attracted some unwarranted attention from an airborne predator.

Submitted by: ACPin


Next creation based on movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'. This shows scene when Marian is going to visit Robin Hood when he is 'taking shower'.

Submitted by: LL

Vykram's Vyper

Captain Vykram Fallon oversees the construction of his latest creation - the Vyc Vyper.

Submitted by: Becheman

Winter Cliff Stronghold

Submitted by: kylekreations


This is my entry for the CCCX in the Miscellaneous Category

In the dull country called Vurdania stands Wudvarar tower. Endmor and his army guarding the country against the barbarians. One day a soldier from a neighboring guard comes to visit due to strategic discussions of battles.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

Yume Village

Submitted by: 6kyubi6

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