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Entries for Medieval Life

A day at the mill

This is my entry for the CCCX in the Medieval Life Category

A usual day at the mill where miller Edmod spending the day with his grandson.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

A Farmer's Life

This is a peasant family’s farm next to two beautiful waterfalls.

Submitted by: Eklund

A Royal Visit

Prince Jarius Lorean visits the City of Capernum in the heart of Loreos. The settlement is decorated richly to receive such a noble visitor. The inhabitants of the city are eager to catch a glimpse of their beloved monarch cheering "Long live the Prince!" as he passes through the crowd.

For the Glory of Loreos!!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Apothecary Shop

After being exiled under the new King's reign, Scott the messenger became Scott the apothecary. Working deep within the Black Forest, he is visited by a fellow member of the Guild to trade potions and speak of a very grave matter...

Submitted by: Overload

Blacksmith shop

A Blacksmith used tools such as hammers, tongs, punches, chisels, etc to pound and form metals on an anvil after being heated up in a furnace called a forge. Depending on where they were at, they were responsible for making axes, swords, armor, horse shoes, farming tools and all kinds of things including jewelry!

Submitted by: Daken the Bladesmith

Borgia Tower

Borgia Tower infiltrated by an assassin.
Tower includes sewer system and secret chambers. Also some daily life and part of Borgia garrison.

Submitted by: Ecclesiastes


Due to problems with dirty water, many medieval Europeans had to find alternative beverages. This brewery features a pair of casks in the basement and a green branch hung near the front door to signify the batch is ready.

Submitted by: jimbo87

Canals of llyria

life in llyria is good. fine weather, friendly people and great culture. this scene shows a city gaurd on patrol, a merchant departing to a gondola, some friends enjoying some fine wine and others doing other things.

Submitted by: Legonardo

carriage workshop

This is my new house for my big medieval landscape.
A carriage workshop.
And it is is my first house with a woodwork made in light yellow.
Specials are the colour, the roof with cheesy slopes and the octagonal corner tower.

Submitted by: maydayartist

CCCX Fire and Water

My second entry into the Medieval Life Category, also my entry into the MELO contest on Mocpages.

Submitted by: mpoh98

CCCX The House on the Hilltop

Submitted by: Justin M

CCCX-Medieval Life-Cayne's Shop of Antiquities

Cayne's Shop of Antiquities is a shop where the buyer can get almost everything. If it's legal he will most definitely have, if it's illegal, well, then he will probably have it as well.

Submitted by: Elderon

Count Antonio Conte's Castle

This is my first moc.
This small medieval castle is build on the rocky shores of Sicily.
Here Count Antonio Conte lives peacefully with his family, few guards and a busy peasant.

Submitted by: genecyst

Crooked House

Just outside the wealthy town of Tigelfáh runs the track leading to the river and further on the mountains. Along the track, just before the river lives Egbert and his wife Hilda along with their young sons Henry and William.

Egbert inherited the hut from his father who had lived before the conquest. Unfortunately his father was a better warrior than a builder and he was a particular good warrior. Egbert now has to suffer his wife’s nagging for a new hut. But times are hard under the name rulers of the land and Egbert has to give half of the crops and food he produces to The Earl of Léonas whose expanding castle shadows Egberts small crooked, damp mud hut.

Submitted by: peggyjdb


Medieval Life

In the far North, a forge can be found. Owned by Balig the Blacksmith whose fame spreads throughout the land. Throughout the harsh bitter cold climate, Balig works hard at his trade and produces only the most finest of weapons, highly respected and truely dedicated to his work!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

Dwarwes' Brewery

A modular brewery

Submitted by: Rifiröfi


We live in constant fear of being attacked...countless lives have been lost...not by armies, BUT BY NATURE ITSELF. Our city has been destroyed innumerable times, no one can help us...we cannot defend from the attacks. Every time we rebuild our city, an earthquake comes, and knocks back down what we just rebuilt. Our lives are destroyed by mother earth herself...

Submitted by: mpoh98


The daily life in Edoras, the glorious capital of Rohan:
A rich lady gets robbed by a thief. Some soldiers pursue him...

Submitted by: Buurli

Fishing Village

This is a small village with fishsherman's cottage and with a fish smokehouse.

Submitted by: Jacoben

Forests Edge Mill

Submitted by: kylekreations


Hard-working blacksmith and his journeymen during full of work day.

Submitted by: BardDandelion

Guild Hall Feast!

Ageven meets with a few friends for an evening meal in his elaborate palace. The five flag sections represent the five Guilds of Historica, Nocturnus, Kaliphlin, Avalonia, Mitgardia, and Valaryio.

Medieval life is not just the ordinary life of the tradsman or farmer, it is also the life of rich counts and barons!

Submitted by: gid617

Inn under two golden swords

"On the top of the hill, on the road to capital of the country, there is located Inn under two golden swords. It was built by Arnam The Brave, who killed the Beast from the shadow forest (its head is on fireplace). King rewarded the courageous warrior. Arnam used this money to built an inn, which helped him live richly. Now his grandson is the owner..."

With moving back wall to see inside.

Submitted by: DeetCr

Let's see what you know...

Submitted by: Becheman

Life in Illryia

It's a scene of life in the capitol city of Varlyrio, Illryia.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Life in the City of the Canals

As Sir Largantas walked the streets of Valatia, he saw many beautiful houses, decorated with stylish arches and bright colors. He passed by a trader's house, all in tan and yellow, the house on the top floor, and his shop on the bottom. On one side two minstrals played, hoping to earn a few coins. Inside the canal, a young man had been hired to clean out the scum, while a few traveling boatmen sold fish and other edibles as the day wore on.

Submitted by: gid617

Medieval House

Medieval House with modular playability.

Submitted by: candia

Medieval WaterMill

Submitted by: candia

Peaceful medieval village.

Left : medieval Bakery. Right : Blacksmith .

Submitted by: papat08

Port Jordan

Named after the famous explorer from the Northern AK land, this bustling port features a fishhouse, The Kings Crown Alehouse, and the Port Authority guildhouse.

Submitted by: Fraslund

rural market

Submitted by: luka

Spring Planning

As the snow melts in the village fields, the local lord heads out to plan this year's planting. His gaurd stands by as his officials discuss which crops will grow the best this year and where to plant them.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Submitted by: Bricksmith1221

St. Arthur's Chapel

Complete with removable roof and furnished interior for playabilty.

Respect the Crown.

Submitted by: LegoLord.

The Hunters Cabin

The Hunters Cabin, return to Avgard village.
Mencot and Hannah are on their way to Lenfald to meet the representatives from the order of the Sword. On their way they stop by Avgard village to meet some friends and pick up some goods.

Submitted by: mencot

The Nativity

Submitted by: kylekreations

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Free adaptation of the tale by the Brothers Grimm. This is my first entry for the Colossal Castle Contest 2012 (CCCX) in the Medieval Life Category

Submitted by: TheBrickAvenger

Tigelfáh Blacksmith

Spring has come and the entire nation is busy helping with the furthering the war effort on the continent. Every blacksmith across the land is busy helping with supplying arrows, swords, horse shoes amongst many much other needed provisions for the war.

Some of the Kings knights were sent back to the home island during the winter to assist in rally the army, being led by The Earl of Léonas. They make their final visit to see the Earl and on the way to his home castle visit one of the town black smiths, Godfrey. Godfrey has been contracted with helping supply arrows to the arches, the Kings main strength of his army.

Godfrey declares to the Kings knights that all the arrows requested have been made. The arrows are being loaded onto one of the many carts which will join the war wagon……

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Viking house in Scandinavia

Jarl Magnus is saying goodbye to his fiancée before going on expedition. Inside, warriors are having a great feast before leaving. Meanwhile, life on the farm goes on: fishing and tilling the soil.

Submitted by: Jarl Lego

Wake up and smell the roses

When I think of 'medieval life' I mainly think of people living in their own filth and throwing their waste into the streets. Like this poor old soul is about to discover.

I guess this could also be his 'ill advised journey'... :D

Submitted by: andhe


Modular Weaponsmith shop

Submitted by: Rifiröfi


Windmills were at the heart of economic activity in rural areas of the Middle Ages.

Submitted by: Peter de Yeule

Wykeham Farmstead

Wykeham Farmstead was built by Edmund Wykeham many years ago. His great grandson Thomas Wykeham is currently grumbling and harvesting carrots. He honestly doesn't mind harvesting carrots, he just likes grumbling about things. Thomas's eldest son Francis is coming to help him harvest carrots, and his youngest son Timothy is tending the milk cows. Meanwhile, a traveler from foreign lands is walking the lane that runs by the house.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

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