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Entries for Trade and Tolls

A little black market never hurt anyone

A wealthy noble

Submitted by: Yacapo

A Warm Welcome

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

Ak-Bahl Ar Market

Each market day, merchants must pay the tax imposed by the city leaders.

Submitted by: Peter de Yeule

Alongside Hickory Creek

The great Land of Lenfald is abundant with many useful and valued natural resources, including fish, furs, and lumber. Because of this, merchants from all over the world travel to the trading outposts of Lenfald in order to trade and barter goods. One of the more famed Lenfel trading posts lies along Hickory Creek, a small flow of water that eventually empties into Lyrebird River. The Hickory Creek Trading Post is known especially for its high quality furs. Many a Garhim has traveled down to this post to purchase furs for the long and bitter Garheim winters.

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

Answer me these questions three...

A group of free company men-at-arms come across an unusual figure guarding the canyon's only bridge...

Submitted by: Becheman

black knights drawbridge

Submitted by: luka

Entering Markath

A trader discovers that what he charged to smuggle criminals in wasn't enough to cover the toll into Markath.

Submitted by: Gom

Fish Gate, Tigelfáh

The wealthy town of Tigelfáh is surrounded by strong walls. The area near the river is linked to the town via Fish Gate, named after the fishermen who keep the town’s people well feed and use the gate way regularly. All those wanting to trade have to pay a toll as they enter the town.

Egbert has decided to get away from his wife and trade some of his crops. A decision reinforced as his wealthier sister in-law has decided to visit with her two boys. Though this decision is now looking like a bad one as one of the Earl of Léonas guard searches his possessions in the hope to exhort a bribe.

The fisherman have made the short with their goods to trade and are asking why they have to pay a toll twice. Surprisingly the Earl of Léonas knight knows nothing of the toll down at the river. ‘Nothing to do with us’ he says.

Life in medieval times are hard no less so for the towns people of Tigelfáh. Trade is good for this town but is the Earl of Léonas walking a fine line in collecting money from traders, to help fund the war, without causing civil unrest? The Earl’s servants, like Russell the blacksmith and Brett, are becoming unsettled by rumours of a revolt and discuss the war on the continent and the upcoming winter’s influence on it’s development. Will the people rise up against the Earl under the burden of heavy tolls and tax?

Submitted by: peggyjdb


Every year during the summer solstice traders, merchants, farmers from furthest parts of his Majesty's kingdom come to the Brickland Castle for a huge market. Such a great event even caught the attention of dwarves who arrive in theirs own tunnles, covering hundreds of miles. To get behind the walls every man have to pay entry fee. In that way the King wants to collect gold for strengthen the defense line of the kingdom.

The MOC shows one of many gates of the Brickland Castle and a beginnings of the market.

Submitted by: FanLego

Gold and Wine

It had been a long journey, but they had finally arrived at the wine makers storage house just outside of town. Lord Tepidum Corde "The Warm Heart" had been traveling for over 3 weeks just to get some of the legendary wine. It was a spiced wine called "The Dragon's Blood". It was legendary for its smooth pour, and firey finish as it rolled down your throat. It was also legendary for its extreme price. Over 3 months pay a barrel, even for a knight. So this is why Lord Tepidum Corde has traveled all this way. For some legendary wine.

Submitted by: ZacharyIslazy

High Hold Trading

The High Hold trading company escorts merchants and transports goods through the dangerous High Hold mountain pass. The pass can save merchants months of travel for their wares which combined with the stellar reputation of Quathos Steelmane and his crew make this route irresistable for the more ambitous and more dangerous for would be bandits.

Submitted by: Fraslund

Passing Sherwood

Creation based on movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'. This shows scene when Robin Hood, Azeem and Duncan are going to pass Sherwood river. But Little John want toll for passing Sherwood.

Submitted by: LL

river stronghold

night falls at the rivers edge as a lone figure calls to the watchmen

Submitted by: artpants

Seaside Harbor

A small port on the western shore of Loreos is bustling with activity as usual. Being the only safe haven for ships for miles along the coast is this little harbor's claim to fame. Some merchants from other provinces and lands are eager to purchase and trade the fine wine and purest olive oil in barrels, to be shipped to the northern countries.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Taxing the road

To get more money, the king has decided that a tax should be levied on all those using his majesty's roads. Of course this also provides some extra income for the people patrolling the roads. Inspired by the old classic set 6035.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

The fortified mill.

Payment of a tax on crops.

Submitted by: papat08

The river toll

A short distance from the Medieval town of Tigelfáh the soldiers of Baron Hreaðemús man the toll on the road from the mountain.
The toll sits on the north west bank of the river Tigelfáh and serves as a good place to collect the toll money from those coming to Tigelfáh.
The mountain pass which crosses the river leads to the villages high up the river and is the only route into town for those living in the mountain wanting to trade.
The river, just under half a mile from the city walls, is also at its nearest to the town and the best place to bring the fish caught on the river into town for the market. The soldiers keep a watchful eye on the fishermen, who are known for their craftiness in avoiding the toll.
As for the toll money itself, it is for the war. The king has called on the nation to fund another war on the continent, leaving his nobility to raise money however they choose. With the wealthy town of Tigelfáh in The Earl of Léonas land he misses no opportunity to take money from the hard efforts of others.

Submitted by: peggyjdb

The Robber baron

After getting through to zombie infested dark forest, meeting up with Nicohloas Mactagen in Dragonsmouth town. Mencot and Hannah, now joined by Nicohloas continued their journey northeast towards Garheim. Taking a small vessel from Dragonsmouth, travling up the river Fyrla they soon approached the Garheim boarder. The forests changed into harsher terrains,
high mountains and low valleys. The weather change quickly also, temperatur dropped quickly and snow started to fall. Crossing the Garheim boarder the first stop for travlers by river was the toll tower at Flussquelle village. The toll master there Johann Löwenkopf, was one of the official toll masters appointed by Jhirian Eindrik ruler of Garheim. But to some people these toll masters where "Robber Barons", because they thought that they charged an unjust and higher toll then needed.
Mencot and his company stopped here with delight because the toll master was Mencots cousin.

Submitted by: mencot

The Sea-Gate of Dalmanutha

The large port in the capital city of Loreos is unique in the fact that it is enclosed by a massive sea-wall, and a huge gate guards the entrance. Enormous vessels can safely pass through. The authorities extract a small toll from the merchant ships that visit the port, and in return the fortifications protect the merchantmen from pirates and Outlaws on the seas who would seek to do them ill.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Valley Gate

Submitted by: mpoh98

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Submitted by: kylekreations

Tower Blackwater

At the foot of village hill, members of the guild at Tower Blackwater offered guides and safe passage through Blackwater Swamp. For a modest fee, guild members kept farmers, merchants, and traders safe from the treacherous bottomless bogs and the various bands of marauders that inhabited the swamp.

Submitted by: matt.guitar.j

Trade & Trolls

Well this is kind of embarrassing. I misread the title of the category as Trade and Trolls, rather than Trade and Tolls. However, I have a cunning plan to pull it all back. Here goes…

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford

Unusual trading

The fright bandits have captured the king, and are prepared to trade him for as much gold as they can carry. They've chosen the Royal bridge to make the swap. It was once the centre of trade in the kingdom and spanned over a raging torrent of a river. But now the river's dryed up, so did the trade and now is abandoned, (well nearly!). Will the bandits put it off or will the royal knights stop them...

Submitted by: 09holded

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