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Entries for Winter Scene

A Viking Feast

A viking village is celebrating after a successful raid on the main land.

Submitted by: JacksonWilliams

Adrift in A Sea of Ice

Jorik Ironfist and a noble travel to the Northern lands.

Submitted by: ZacharyIslazy

And the band played on

Submitted by: SlyOwl

CCCX Village of the north

Hayden and his loyal band travel to northern garhim to trade with the far flung peoples!
Built ages ago, just got round to entering it.
For the winter category in the CCCX

Submitted by: Hayden.

Cliffside Home

A medieval home built alongside a cliff. The owner is finishing clearing the recently fallen snow off the roof.

Submitted by: Tiberius_XXVII

Dire Wolf Hunt

Kroth Stonegrinder and a few of his men are hunting a large Dire Wolf that has been causing problems.

Submitted by: gurusql

Halthas Beacon Tower

Kingdom serves as a warning in case of an invading force. Should the flame die, Halthas will prepare for war.

Submitted by: Fraslund

In the Dead of Winter

Submitted by: Albatross_Viking

Lighting the beacons

Altberg lights the signal fires. Aid will come to Ferelden.

Submitted by: Becheman


It's a Mitgardian lighthouse on the coast of Mitgardia. Wouldn't recommend swimming in these waters :)

Submitted by: soccerkid6


We sail ever north to the green land we are promised. Strange sights are to be had along the way. Giant air breathing fish and islands of white crystal float eerily past in the cold silence. Our breath freezes to our whiskers and our hands to the oars, but ever north we must go.

Submitted by: Thomas Arrowford


Through the freezing snow and chilling ice, the men marched blindly, their indomitable leader always in the front. The distant enemy village below the Dragonbone Mountains was just in sight, "Onward brave soldiers!" called the leader, "to the glorious battle we march!"

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

River Thames Frost Fair

From Wikipedia: River Thames frost fairs were held on the Tideway of the River Thames at London between the 15th and 19th centuries, during the period known as the Little Ice Age, when the river froze over.

Submitted by: KumpelKante


The snow fell as I told her that her husband would not be coming home, as if the world itself was mourning with this woman. I had been told by those who had to do the same before me of some things to expect, but nothing prepared me for what came.

I told her I did everything I could to save her husband, and she just sat there in unbelief. After a while it seemed to register and her face turned cold, her screams of hatred towards me echoed through be courtyard.

I once survived being stabbed, but the pain was nothing compared the attack by this widow. I just sat there as she continued to hit me. She sobbed as fist after fist hit my chest. All I could do was tell her how sorry I was. And eventually the time between the hits grew longer until she eventually stopped all together and just fell to the ground.

She pulled her knees to her chest and cried.

Eventually a friend found her and took her from me to help her mourn.

I stood in that courtyard for what seemed like an eternity before I worked up the strength to leave.

Submitted by: Rick-Ricks

Stopping for the night

As I stumbled along the trail that led through the frozen forest, I realized it would soon be dark and I would need a fire if I was to survive. I managed to find a dead, dry tree. I cut this down with my sword. Soon, I had a small fire before my feet. The wind continued to whip by, and It looked like it was going to be a long, cold chilly night... I hoped there were no wolves.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Ted Thug and the Apmaw Monster's Lair

Ted Thug has ventured far into the icy northlands to do a little spear fishing.  The locals warned him to stay away from the Apmaw Monster, a ferocious, slavering monster, who despite it's cute and cuddly looks, will devour you in one gulp.  Ted dismissed the warnings as old wives tales and proceeded to spend a quality afternoon spear fishing.

Submitted by: nauck95

The Marauding of Motar

After greeting his relative Sir Edwyn in the glorious city of Ugleheim,Sir Tharkin slowly made his way back to his hometown,Mikithdar, he came across a hamlet by the name of Motar. Suddenly,he heard the loud sound of a raging fire.While cautiously walking to the town,he immediately hid behind a tree from the bandits attacking.Looks like this trip won't be so pleasant......

Submitted by: Sir Tharkin

The Watchtower of Brethil

The Revolutionaries of Vinturia discovered that the King was preparing to launch a massive campaign aimed at obliterating the entire rebel effort. The Revolutionaries knew that they would need the help of another party if they were to have any hope of matching the King's numbers. As quickly as he could, the leader of the rebels journeyed to the far northern reached of the land, into the realm of the Northern Elves. The rebel leader soon happened upon a small Elven outpost, and then he was taken to the capital city of the magical folk. After lengthy negotiations, the elves agreed to assist the rebels of Vinturia in any way that they could. The battle for Vinturia was soon to begin . . .

Submitted by: SergeantChipmunk44

The Wilds of Garheim

As Sir Angus the Bold and a few of his Highlander Band trudged through the snow, the sound of their crunching footsteps was drowned out by the gurglings of a creek lying just below a small cliff. As they drew near it, Sir Angus paused and soon his men did likewise...just standing still, soaking in the glorious atmosphere of this wintry wilderness that they called home. Still in the peaceful ambience, Jack the Herald quietly took out his bagpipe and masterfully played an ancient Garheim hymn. The majestic notes echoing across the valley, it sent a thrill through the Northmen that few men ever experienced.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Timmy began to regret asking Santa for a Pony...

You try getting a pony down a chimney.

Submitted by: andhe

Under the Bridge

A ice fisherman trying his luck under the bridge.

Submitted by: ryushi

Viking Polar Dip

When the winter months stretch out, a certain madness is apt to take over. Even vikings may feel this urge and take to doing things a little out of character. These two chaps decided to break from their afternoon of fishing for a far-too refreshing dip in the cold waters!

Submitted by: Dodge

War is Coming

It had been a long hard winter. The snow had fallen early in the autumn and the mid thaw during the winter had barely happened.

On the main land the winter had given both sides in the war a break and the usual opportunity to call for reinforcements. The king had called on his nobles to send more archers and knights in the spring, with the Earl of Léonas in command of the army.

With spring coming the Earl needed to have his horses ready. The winter supplies were running low, so the Earl had his knights dig the snow in the fields by the river Tigelfáh, outside his castle providing fresh grazing for his destriers. With Earl, like each knight, having four destriers there was a lot of digging.

As for one of the knights, Gregory, he always thought outside the box and had taken himself of to the frozen river, with his theory that if they could get to the water it would help. His fellow knights were not convinced…..

Submitted by: peggyjdb

watching the border

the border between Avalonia and the surrounding guilds is well guarded. here is one of the smaller entries to the western grasslands from mitagardia going though lindinis.

Submitted by: Legonardo

Waterfall tower, Tigelfáh Castle

It was an early snow fall. During mid-Autumn the first snow fell, earlier than usual.

The war on the main land was brought to a swift end and the king had sent messengers to his nobles across the channel calling for reinforcements. The Earl of Léonas had just received the message as the snow had started to fall.

Meanwhile his son had to brave the cold and ensure the walls to the castle where kept clear of snow. The knights would have a busy winter making preparations for war and keeping the castle running, there was going to be lot of digging of snow!

Submitted by: peggyjdb

Wayside Inn

In a cozy little village lies a comfortable inn. There may be snow outside, but inside the fire dispelles the cold. A belated passerby might stop in for a drink and a meal, or a weary traveller might well spend the night here.

Submitted by: gid617

Whale Hunting

Whales were hunted in the Middle Ages as much for their fat as for their meat. It was a dangerous hunt. One dip in the icy water meant death in few minutes, maybe few seconds. But what a reward if hunting was successful ...

Submitted by: Peter de Yeule

Winter City

Submitted by: zed0

Winter Fishing

A small sailboat with 2 Loreos fishermen venture out into the northern waters to fish.

Submitted by: The Timinater

Winter Guard Duty

What's the worst part of winter feast day? Being stuck on guard duty, of course! While everyone else is in the warmth enjoying food and fellowship, you get to bundle up and trudge through the snow looking for anyone with plans to ruin an otherwise "perfect" feast day. Maybe, if you're lucky, there will be some leftover roast when someone comes to relieve you.

Submitted by: BrickSamurai

Winter Hunter

From the hunting lodge journal of Andor:

Snow is usually a hindrance to much of life in the Mitgardian winters; however, hunters like me often find it a blessing. The beautiful white landscape makes tracking blood trails from wounded game animals far easier to track. Today I let an arrow loose into a nice buck, it was a well placed shot, but the deer was a strong beast and he staggered for about a half mile before expiring. I might never have found him had it not been for the red blood on the white snow.

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Winter Traveler

A man traverses the frozen landscape of winter.

Submitted by: Yacapo


Come winter, the snow always blocks the roads. Especially in the forests it's hard to keep the road open. So hard work for the men living there, but playtime for the kids. Fortunately, mother provides hot chocolate for both.

Submitted by: Quarktaart

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