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Entries submitted by Brother Steven

"Scientific Progress Goes Thud"

It was an amusing sight for the backers of the project, Sir Godfrey and his loyal men, as they beheld the brilliant scientist, Edward the Alchemist, prepare his highly unusual craft. He bustled to and fro, adjusting wings, cords, and bolts.

The king made a grand entrance, fashionably late, and inquired "When is the launch about to start? Oh joy! I can hardly wait!" He was eager to see the fruit of his investments. They had every confidence in Edward, who had made colorful promises and predictions in his appeal four months prior.

Finally, Edward the Alchemist leapt into the cockpit of his fascinating device, and with a wave of his hand he called out "Farewell, my friends! I shall see thee on the other side of the kingdom!"
The eager eyes of the investors watched as the wings on the light craft began to flap like a bird and the whole contraption slid off the ramp into the blue sky...

but to the great dismay and horror of the group of onlookers, the craft clumsily plummeted to the earth below with a bone-jarring "THUD". A local cowherd and his beasts only just got themselves out of the way in time.

The king stared glumly down from the wall as the alchemist scrambled out of what was left of their expensive venture, now a pile of wreckage, and the king was suddenly aware of a void in his coin-purse where once his gold had been.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

A Fortunate Misfortune

The King, after suffering such a great financial loss in his latest investment, was exceedingly disheartened and gloomy. So gloomy that his noble friends were beginning to worry about his health. So worried, that they sent Sir Godfrey and Sir Phillip to fetch the Jolly Jumble Jester triplets.

Upon arriving, John, James, and Joe immediately began their popular routine, they sung their songs and danced their dances, yet the king's depression remained. His royal brow still was wrinkled in consternation, unable to forget his lost money.

At length, the jesters, desperate, attempted their most daring and tricky trick yet. James jumped on John, John jumped on Joe, and Joe, about to jump onto a ball, had the misfortune to miss his footing! Down the brothers went, crashing to the hard marble floor below. The spectacle was so hilarious that the King burst into a roar of laughter and the whole hall of spectators followed suit.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Ald Wickeraus Castle

Ald Wickeraus Castle is a luxurious domicile of King Frederic the 2nd. This glorious structure is erected high on a rocky granite plateau and surrounded by lush meadows and fields.

In this scene, we see the king, Sir Godfrey and the rest of the army arriving after a staunch defense against Lord Brackenreed. Upon his arrival, the joyful crowds rushed to the gate to greet their beloved sovereign.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Aldmar Castle

A study tower-keep constructed from the parts of the King's Castle set (70404-1)

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Bee keeping

A father teaches his son the subtle art of bee keeping and the rich reward of honey. the only form of sweetener in the middle ages

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Duel at Forestmen's Falls

"But how does one find a pack of foresters?" Queried a soldier to Sir Godfrey.
"Well, when I was a lad, I explored these woods as a forester myself, and if I recall correctly, there should be an old encampment up near the falls at Pebble Creek."

A few hours' march took the company to a large treehouse on the edge of a cliff. No sooner had they arrived at the structure when a booming voice hailed them.
"I say, who be down there?!"
"I am Sir Godfrey, and these are my troops!" He waved his hand towards his loyal men.
"What do ye want? Speak now or go away!" the voice in the tree demanded.
"We seek a band of thieves who have been pilfering livestock and other valuables!
A new voice cried out in a cockney accent. "T'wasn't us, Guv'nor!"
Then a new sound rang out from the other side of the tree. "BAaAaAaAaA"

All the men started as they recognized the unmistakable bleat of a goat.

"Was that a GOAT I heard?!" Sir Godfrey bellowed.

"Nuthin' of the kind!"

Yet the sound continued.

"Why would foresters keep goats? Where did you get those animals?"

The voice from the tree called out again, this time even more insolently. "Fine, they be goats, but what'cha gonna do about it, milord?"

"I'm going to give you two options. I will either charge up there with my men and impale you all upon the points of our spears, OR, I will be merciful and let you leave the country, provided that you never return."

A pause. Then a few heads began to pop out from the treetops. One in particular wore a hat with a black feather., "I've got a better idea! How about I challenge thee to a duel?" He sneered. "If I win, we stay, if I lose to thee, we go. Me and my three companions will shake the dust of this ground from our feet."

The sword hissed as Sir Godfrey drew it from his sheath. "Challenge accepted!" Sir Godfrey hollered. The metal glinted in the sunlight.

The ringleader then swung himself over the rail, slid down the trunk and roots, and landed squarely in front of Sir Godfrey.

With one swing of his blade, Sir Godfrey swatted the forester head over heels into the creek beside them. A cheer rang out from the soldiers and a groan from the forester company.

"Now then," Sir Godfrey replaced the sword in his scabbard whilst the forestman came up spluttering and gasping for air. "I suggest ye start packing without further ado. But leave the goats."

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Elk Hunter

In the secluded heart of a frosty wooded glen, the mighty Elk Hunter tracks his majestic prey.
Custom accessories include custom made fur coat, brickwarriors horn, custom genuine leather sword sheath, and custom cotton scarf.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Nordic Warlord

A ferocious warmonger of the Baltic wilderness.

Custom accessories include. Custom cape. Custom painted Brickforge Sorcerer Staff. Custom genuine leather boots. Custom BrickWarriors armor, helm and horns.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Trouble in St. Swannick

It was a glorious day for Sir Godfrey and his company of loyal soldiers, on their annual patrol of the king's counties. But upon reaching the town of St. Swannick, their pleasant march was interrupted with the dreadful news that the populace was being harassed by a crafty band of forestmen!

"They swipe our livestock and rob us of our hard-earned coin!" The peasants grumbled to the knights.

Sir Godfrey then turned to his men. "This is no longer a march, but a manhunt, my friends! Move out, men! We'll flush these weasels right out of their greenwood!"

Submitted by: Brother Steven

Warriors of Finland

These emblems are all inspired from Finnish heraldry.

The gold details at the top of the shields represent forests. The cross represents faith and the white spirals represent birch bark trumpets.

Submitted by: Brother Steven

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