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Entries submitted by Digger1221

A Man's Work

As the sun slowly climbed over the hazy horizon, a lone rooster let out a loud crow. The small, rustic town that lay beneath the great manor was alive with people, bustling to and fro. Small, ramshackle cottages were scattered around the outskirts of the village, and farmers and serfs came one by one from their doors, headed towards the fields.
A smiling farmer grasped his pitchfork and small lantern as he pushed open the wooden door of his quaint, rural home. His young son scrambled out behind him, vigorously rubbing sleep out of his eyes. All the while he beamed brightly, excited to join his father for the first time working in the fields.
Behind them, within their cottage, the female members of the family worked also. The boy’s mother grasped a stiff wooden broom, sweeping up pieces of thatch from the rough wooden floor. Meanwhile, a younger girl pulled a brewing pot from the fireplace and mixing it with a large spoon. The sun rose higher as the villagers went to work.

Submitted by: Digger1221

An Explosive Experiment

Some people call Alvin a wizard. Some call him an alchemist. Some whisper about him being a magician or a warlock. Almost everyone agrees that he’s slightly insane.
What Alvin considers himself to be is something much nobler, however. “A Man of Science” is his self-applied title: a great experimenter, a brilliant scholar, a modern incarnation of Plato, Socrates, Archimedes and all the rest. Although, in his day and age, a successful “scientist” is usually someone who’s either very lucky, or has experienced a lot of “trial and error”.
Whatever he is, Alvin is certainly not a very safe person to be around. His wild experimenting can often be very dangerous for a casual bystander. After he almost burned an entire village to the ground, the king decided it would be safer for everybody if Alvin was kept somewhere a little more “secluded”.
Naturally a dark, empty room in the basement of the royal castle would be the perfect place to hide away an annoying wizard; the thick stone walls and ceiling should be strong enough to protect the rest of the world from the wild antics of the mad pseudoscientist…right?

Submitted by: Digger1221

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