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Entries submitted by MAJ Josh

A Light in the Library

Though relatively rare, medieval libraries and centers of learning did exist. Here one could illuminate their mind (as well as a small corner of the build…if they had only one LEGO light and very little time).

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

Folding Fortress

Alternate Model of Set 10223 Kingdom's Joust

I was going for a classic Black Falcon's Fortress kind of feel, complete with folding walls and out buildings for the discrimnating knight or noble.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

Ice Lord

Ice Lord's will usually give you the cold shoulder when you ask them to pose for a picture. they live with their ice spiders somewhere in the arctic…or the syfy channel.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

Mean Greenies

The Mean Greenies are the direct descendants of the Forest Men. After the Forest Men were unfairly labeled outlaws and terrorists, simply for having the coolest sets and nicest looking shields, they were forced ever deeper back into the woods from which they derived their name. Over the years of hardship and living in trees that folded open, they eventually lost their characteristic smiling yellow faces and became as green as their surroundings. Now known as the Mean Greenies (there is no evidence to support they are intact mean, they were labeled as such due to the lack of smiles…or any facial features now that I think about it), they are once again ready to struck out into lands less wooded.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

Roman Auxiliary

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

The Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur's round table was notable, not for its shape, but for the ideal it represented. At the round table no one was head or foot, but all were treated as equals. Here some of the knight meet with the King after a sucssesful quest to retrieve the Holy Grail to reaffirm their vows to the kingdom and each other.

Submitted by: MAJ Josh

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