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Entries submitted by MWardancer

Elvnoi Dozor - Guards of the Inner Sanctum

Alarmed by the recent events, the Elven Guards of the Inner Sanctum gather to march against an unknown enemy. Dark times, after all, call for dark elves.

Submitted by: MWardancer

Lord Maeven on Felsentritt, carrying the Goddess Banner

Not here, it could not be! The lesser being itself was not a threat, these bones would surely shatter. Felsentritt was about to run it over and the last thing it would ever see would be the Goddess Banner in its glory. However, an undead was not supposed to be that close to the inner realm. The Goddess herself would need to be alarmed, the army assembled, the old ones called. She would not like this, not at all...

Submitted by: MWardancer

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