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Entries submitted by Mark of Falworth

Aldora Castle

Aldora castle rests on a island of granite which guards the mighty river Echos that flows through the forbidden mountains into the heart of the kingdom of Anselm. It stands as a bulwark against the outside nations and has never fallen once, due to the tremendous currents that have swept many an attacker to the seas beyond.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth


Mark of Falworth, Captain Didrik Hansson and Acelerar the Areani knight have continued their journey into the dreaded Outlaw lands.

But no sooner had they climbed the majestic cliffs that separate the swampland from civilization then they were suddenly attacked by the forces of the tyrant queen Galainir!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

An Awkward Betrothal

Young George Fletham was having misgivings about being irrevocably betrothed by his far-seeing parents to the estimable Miss Brunhilde of the family Bertlemewe.
They may very well be one of the most wealthy and prestigious families in the kingdom, but is that worth it to be married for life to a face only a mother could love...?
It's a tough decision when you're only 10 years of age.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Brynolf aff Kwrala

Brynolf aff Kwrala was raised in the dreadful stone mines in the deserts of Loreos, and in a particularly brutal uprising, he gained his freedom and escaped to the lands of the Outlaws. Since then he has lived the life of revenge seeking out and battling any Loreesi he can find. Beware the juggernaut of the swamps!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Facing the Fire

Mark of Falworth faces the fearsome dragon "Cyricus the Mighty" in the depths of the outlaw lands!

(Full story on Flickr.)

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Flavius Belisarius

One of the greatest generals of the Byzantine Empire and one of the most acclaimed generals in history. Belisarius successfully battled the Sassanid Empire, the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths. He retook Rome for the first and only time, was also the only Byzantine general to be granted a Roman Triumph, and the last man to ever hold the Roman title of consul. He was literally the last great Roman.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth


Gisellicburg is one of the proudest and mightiest cites of the Kingdom of Anselm. The entire metropolis is adorned with splendid palaces and grandiose buildings with columns of marble and windows of stained glass.
Countless streets and alleys are vigilantly guarded by the massive, ancient walls.
What secrets lie beneath the "city of the kings"? What hidden treasures and fortunes rest within...?

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Norman Knight

Armed with a steel longsword and encased in chainmail armor these fierce warriors of viking decent created a reputation of being terrible and cunning foes as they carved their own dominions in three different continents

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Final Battle

The Battle of Camlann is reputed to have been the final battle of King Arthur, in which he was fatally wounded fighting his enemy, the traitorous Mordred.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Mountain Man

King of the Wescalor peaks and Lord of the Yeti clans, "Mountain Man" is a recluse who has evaded all human interaction for decades. With his antler staff, razor-sharp tomahawk and towering crown of snow-white hair, he is a strange character worthy of his presumptuous titles.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Outcast Inn

The Outcast Inn is a popular stop along one of the few roads in the dreaded lands of the Outlaws, many an idle thieving bandit can be found loitering about the place. It's an excellent spot to recruit troops, as long as you're not too concerned about their background...

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Welsh Warband

Throughout all of history, there is perhaps no people who have ever put up such a spirited and determined defense of their country as those of Wales. A culture literally pushed to the ends of the earth by waves of hostile invaders, they still strive for their precious freedom.
Lightly armed, armored, and unparalleled in skill with the longbow, they are very dangerous, to say the least, in their mountainous, rugged homeland.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

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