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Entries submitted by New Danarchy

A steering wheel would be nice

With the invention of gunpowder, three popular minstrels decided to invent a new type of chariot. When they finished they asked the brave Seigneur du Stigue to test it for them. At the first corner they realised some sort of method of steering would have been nice, not to mention some aid in stopping the contraption other than a wall.

Submitted by: New Danarchy

Gingerdale Castle

Submitted by: New Danarchy

Pizza Smithy

Giovanni was a lot more interested in following in his father's footsteps when he learned that a forge makes an excellent pizza oven

Submitted by: New Danarchy

Round Table

The myth of the round table stems from a simple table in a small pavilion on the grounds of Camelot where the knights of Uther and the young Arthur would have a few drinks and be merry (and in one memorable setting Mary).

Submitted by: New Danarchy

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