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Entries submitted by Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI - A Child's Life - First Snow

Cedric Archer has finally returned to Garheim, and with the first snows of winter, he reflects on the snows of his childhood.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI - Court Entertainment - The Frosted Mug

No one in the mountain town could stand the Court Jester, Peter, whom everyone referred to as Pester the Jester. Today, Pester had found a new game he liked to call

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI - Dwarven Forge

No finer blade nor stronger armor can be found in Roawia than those crafted by steady Dwarven hands. High in the mountains of Garheim, they work their mysterious metal into swords of unrivaled quality.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI - Elderath Bloodmire, Vampire Lord

The Elves of Dannonvale knew better than to accept his dinner invitations. The men knew better than to refuse.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI - Higgitus Figgitus

Arthur has been given too many chores so Merlin comes up with a brilliant idea.

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

CCCXI - Northern Minotaurs

Submitted by: Ronin Dragonslayer

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