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Entries submitted by Toltomeja

Flower Fairy

Apart from Lego parts, I used some fresh, living flowers: Pink Orchid for the dress and wings, Hoya Carnosa - the tiny star-shaped ones and a leaf band on the fairy's head.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Keep the balance!

The king has been blue for a week already - it was a busy time for the royal jester, who tried numerous tricks to entertain him. Unfortunately, all of them were fruitless - even most dangerous acrobatic performance seems not to be enough...

Submitted by: Toltomeja

Lady of the Lake

King Arthur and his faithful wizard companion Merlin set off to icy mountains. When they reach the lake, the Lady emerged from the water and offered Arthur the powerful sword - Excalibur.

Based on the original King Arthur legend about Excalibur.

Submitted by: Toltomeja


The city had been endangered by a cunning, nasty creature having its lair definitely too close, that is a dragon. It was wreaking havoc in nearby villages, turning huge houses into a pile of ash, and what’s even worse – every day set off in search of its breakfast – usually slim and blonde...

Dragonator was designed to take numerous measurements of the reptile to find its weakest spot, which would allow to beat it with a single stroke.

But it seems that the dragon has found the machine’s weakest spot first...

Submitted by: Toltomeja


For many years the Synneora Rock was dwelled by a lone monk Athios, who had decided to spend the rest of his life meditating and devoting himself to God.

When Athios passed away, the rock soon became the center of the country's religious life. Hundreds of pilgrims and the nearby villages inhabitants volunteered to help building a new chapel for the memory of Athios - a man of Faith and Sacrifice.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

The Trap

The ruins of the cathedral had been deserted for years. Now however, it has been arranged by a ring of road thieves to be their observation point and secret den. Having dug a tunnel under a nearby road, they are ready to use their cunning trap to assault unwary merchants...

The trap is fully playable and working. Pressing one of the stones, you can see the trap go off and the thieves reveal their secret...

Submitted by: Toltomeja

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