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Entries submitted by cmaddison

A Day in the Life

If you people watch long enough, you're bound to see some interesting things happen, even on rural streets like these.

Submitted by: cmaddison

A Problem at Draigblaid Tower

The invasion of Denas Brenhinol had not gone as planned, and the Wolfpack had been scattered like sticks to the wind. A small group of survivors had made their way to one of the oldest and most outdated outposts, Draigblaid Tower, in the tar swamps to the south, far from the mountain lake fortress. They were hoping for shelter, food, and rest. They didn't know that three winters prior, someone else had taken the tower by force...

Submitted by: cmaddison

Accidents Happen

The royal engineer had just acquired plans for the newest style of catapult, and had armory soldiers constructing a prototype. There seemed to be a slight problem in the crossbeam design.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Anuran Protection Squad

The kingdom of Anura worships the noble frog, and their entourage takes them from their god-ponds to go on walks through the capitol city each day.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Dinner and a Show

Our Goblin Brute has come a long way from just chopping off heads. He's found himself a wife, a following, a castle, and crowned himself Goblin King. Tonight, he enjoys a double-feature by the butcher, with feast to follow.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Goblin Brute

Scream loudly and carry a huge battleaxe!

Submitted by: cmaddison

Hector, Warrior King of Mythingham

Everything he has, he earned with the end of that sword.

Submitted by: cmaddison


My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Submitted by: cmaddison

How to Train Your Dragon

My favorite scene from the film. I love the little hesitation Toothless has before he puts his nose in Hiccup's hand.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Lord and Lady at the Wall

Alternate build of 3739 Blacksmith Shop. Here our Blacksmith is a noble Lord,, imaginary townsfolk. They apparently didn't care about him when he was just a meager blacksmith, and didn't bother to appear in the set. The part of his wife is still played by his wife; she's just been upgraded to Lady.

I tried for the classic technic pin and hole modular wall style of the 80's castle sets, minus the technic pin and hole.

Submitted by: cmaddison

Seekstone Manor

King John demands entry to a simple three-sided country manor.

Submitted by: cmaddison

The Sword in the Stone

"Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise King, born of England."

Submitted by: cmaddison

The Wee Hours

When Lord Robert has trouble sleeping, a goblet or three of wine always helps.

Submitted by: cmaddison

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