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Entries for Woodland Hideaway

By the Old Road

Thirteen Forestmen (Spot them all!) have made a camp by the Old Road.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

CCC XIV - Forest Camp

Tents are unfolded and set up, and a fire is being built as a band of forest rogues set up camp in a forest.

Submitted by: Michael G

CCCXIV - Rhosgobel

This is on a 48 x 48 baseplate, it is roughly 2000 pieces, and it is my 10th and final entry to the CCC... I hope you enjoy!

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

CCCXIV - The Merry Old Inn

This build is on a 44 x 44 "circular" base! It is roughly 1750 pieces...

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

Expeditionary Camp

This is an early camp established by the Jungle Scouts as a central base for their survey of Fyrdraca Isle. Set on overgrown ruins out in a lake and hidden in tangled trees, it is naturally protected from enemies and wild beasts, but still easily accessible by boat.

Set in the Lands of Rowia.

Submitted by: kingdomviewbricks

Forest Camp

Submitted by: legobeethoven

Forest Cottage

Herbert the hermit lives in a cozy cottage nestled in the Western Woods. He lives a secluded life, preferring to spend his time tending to his gardens, and feeding his many animal friends.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Forestmen Manor

The forestmen hide away in style at this manor in the woods. Respect the Crown, even if it isn't applicable here!

Submitted by: LegoLord.

Huntsman's Lodge

Even the lonely hunters and trappers of the great northern forests need a warm place to find shelter and rest now and then. This communal abode was built on top of a mountain spring. A secret alternate entrance is hidden beneath a waterfall to prevent thieves and wild beasts from stealing their hard-earned larder. The tunnel also serves as an escape route if the enemies should be too dangerous to fight.

Submitted by: Brother Steven


Ightwarril is an Elven forest, a peaceful place where lives Eina. She is an excellent archer and keeps the forest safe.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

Laelarielian Hunting Lodge

As the name implies, the lodge provides shelter for the local hunters, in the middle of the Avalonian forests. While the original building was, indeed, camouflaged with the trees around, to allow the hunters to conceal themselves, recent events have made the young Sten the only regular visitor in a while, causing the lodge to look slightly run-down.

Submitted by: En_Zoo

Mashroom House

Once LEGO will produce Smurfs, I will be ready...

Submitted by: Hardegon

Pilgrim's cave

Shows Pilgrim's cave in some woods, the woods, the main things this diorama is Cave are the reason diorama That pilgrim. There are plenty of vegetation (trees, flowers, bushes ...) Personally it is very much the his unique base plate: a very specific shape and different It adds a lot to the unconventional A and diversity.

Submitted by: builder

Skogrbani's Lair

The dragon Skogrbaniís lair is hidden deep in the forest. Two unfortunately ignorant thieves thought it was a good idea to hide their loot by burying it in the woods just outside Skogrbaniís homeÖ

Submitted by: soccerkid6

The Hermit's Hovel

The lonely hermit spends his time in solitude with only the woodland birds for his neighbors. However in the not so very distant village there are rumors that a band of brigands occasionally pay him a visit: who knows?

Submitted by: josdu

The Wizard's Tree

The Wizard has made his home inside a huge hollow tree deep inside the wood. The giant mushrooms that grow on the tree function as balconies, where he cooks his famous mushroom soup, tends to his bees and relaxes while enjoying a pint of mead.

Submitted by: Brick Rebel

Wolfpack Base

In Bases like this one, hidden deep in the forest, the members of the Wolfpack feel safe. The Outlaws live and work together here and everybody has to do his job to keep the community running.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Woodland Ranger Outpost

Submitted by: Legofin.

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