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Entries for Custom Castle Knight & Squire

Army of the Dead

Leading the Army of the Dead its King is but a knight himself. With his trusted squire at his side he is leading the cursed Oathbreakers out of Dunharrow and into their final battle - try as they might find salvation on Pellanor Fields.

Submitted by: 11inthewoods

Bear Master

Lord of Bear Island and his squire are ready to fight.

Submitted by: Hardegon

Cedric the Bull and Axl

Cedric lord of the Bull Knights sits upon his horse as he waits for his squire Axl to hand him his lance.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

Deshiem Warriors

Deshiem warriors are well known, not only for their fighting prowess, but also for their unique type of cavalry; ostriches.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Dhayadi Warriors

Always on the move, these warriors are capable of holding their own against any foe.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

EK and Squire

My sigfig gets an upgrade and a squire. Powl, he is called.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Katira Kabour of Norvica

This is Katira Kabour one of the best knight of Kaliphlin who has won a lot of free fight tournaments.
Katira and his squire Demir are traveling to Eastgate for a free fight tournament between the best Knights of Avalonia and Kaliphlin.
I think he has a good chance to fight himself in the final round and win the tournament

Submitted by: don leopold

Lady Lordes and Squire

Submitted by: adamsonofwilliam

Lord Grumpus of Pennyville

Better lay down and give him the win -Lord Grumpus of Pennyville is a ruthless and furious warrior who doesn't show mercy in battle.

His squire, Lennard of Pennyville, is his clumsy nephew. He doesn't seem to be the smartest squire of all time, but he is a quick learner when it comes to fighting.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Lord Skugg

Submitted by: blufiji

Loreesi Knight and Squire

Sir Hugh Calpho fits the ideal of a chivalrous knight to a T. His concern for honor descends to the minutest particulars; he has been known to fast for hours when no food suitable to his rank is available, and once, when his own clothes were torn, he stayed in bed for a whole day while his squire fetched another suit that would not be beneath him. But by equal token, Sir Hugh would rather bite off his tongue than say a falsehood.
Arthur Hanock is Sir Hugh's young squire. He is merry and carefree, but wonderfully quick at guessing the knight's thoughts and anticipating his commands.

Submitted by: gid617

Moravian Boyar

A Moravian Boyar makes his way to the Tournament.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Renoulf and Baldri

Renoulf and Baldri are veteran warriors of Kyroes. Their courage and experience makes them formidable foes.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Sir Elridge and the burned priest

Sir Elridge of Blackwhite Castle is quite a mysterious warrior. Little is known about him and even less about his squire who's called "the burned priest".

Only one thing is for sure: They are a terrifying combination when it comes to battle! Sir Elridge relies on his sword and battle-axe, while the burned priest is wielding some serious fire magic.

Better don't mess with them;-)

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Sir Spireworth (and... his squire)

Submitted by: josdu

Sir William III of Blueberry

Sir William III of Blueberry, and his squire, Kurt. With their perfect track record of having won every battle they fought - well, the one battle they fought .... against a tree - they think they have very much earned their big pennants and fancy plumes.

Submitted by: Mr. Cab

Sir Wilmot of Teos

Sir Wilmot of Teos is a renowned knight whose skill with the sword is known abroad. His squire, a fourteen-year-old lad named Thomas, dutifully follows the knight wherever he ventures. Upon hearing of the great assembly of knights, he has adorned himself with his glistening armor and is prepared to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Submitted by: Andrew JN

The Warrior Duchess


The Duchess Rina Ayatra and her Squire Aedria

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Winter Huntsman

Submitted by: Legofin.

The Winter Knight

A knight and his squire traveling across a snowy forest.

Submitted by: Leopold

Wood Elf Shadow Unicorn Rider and Squire

The elite light cavalry and infantry of the wood elf military forces, the shadow unicorn riders and their squires, respectively, are selected from the most skilled scouts and skirmishers of the realm. They specialize in striking at their enemies from the nighttime forests and acting as battlefield scouts for larger, heavier forces.

Submitted by: Armored Archer

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