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Entries for Ice Castle

An Unwelcome Visitor

An unwelcome visitor has approached the kingdom's boarders.

Submitted by: jtooker


In the mountains of Mitgardia, in a small castle lives wizard Arardan. He is a master of dragons and here on the Arddarwor he grown some great dragons in the land. Some day at the castle from the land of Nocturnus arrives Roogtur and he buy a dragon, and take him home to make it an evil beast who will fear and trembling all in Nocturnus.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

Bálkr Fort

The town of Balkr in Mitgardia is protected by a wooden wall with towers. Several children are having an intense snowball fight, while one of the village woman prepares the midday meal.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Castillo Azure

Submitted by: gid617

CCCXIV - Gatehouse of Dungarvan

This build is on a 36 x 48 baseplate, and I assume it is about 1,500 pieces.

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

Falcon's Winter Fortress

A Black Falcon's fortress, in the midst of winter.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Fimbulvatr Keep

High up in the Mitgardian peaks a small village thrives on the freezing environment. To protect themselves from raiders they built a small castle to keep (pun intended but still not funny :P) watch. The castles position makes it a hard place to take and easy to defend. No siege could last in this frigid environment. This weather does not bother the inhabitants of the village as cold is all they will ever know. So life carried on in the isolated village of Fimbulvatr, that is until the drow missionary came. Not soon after did the Nocturnus resistance have a new enemy to fear...

Submitted by: The Maestro

Harburg Castle

Harburg Castle is located in the mountain range near the Nocturnus border in Mitgardia. The lord of the castle, Karsten Storrar, receives a visit from his brother Sir Glorfindel. Inside the castle the cook prepares some fresh baked goods while a few guards take their mid-day meal and the lord’s family relax with their dog.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Randolfs Tower of Ice

A powerful source of magic lies inside the mysterious Ice Tower. Randolf the Wizard is the protector of the Tower and the village nearby.

He is a gentle and well-liked old man, so the villagers provide him with all the supplies he needs.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Skorilburg Wall

Submitted by: Roy of Floremheim

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