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Entries for Medieval Warship

CCCXIV - Ferry to Dungarvan

Hey guys! This is a quick build... It is roughly 8 x 16 with about three studs of water on each side... Kinda bad build I know...

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

ETWC Ship - The Fog-Breaker

The newest addition to the ETWC Eslandolan fleet, the Fog-Breaker is a fast trading sloop, built strong enough to weather the toughest gale, and yet sleek enough to cut through the water far faster than most of its possible enemies.
The Fog-Breaker has a full interior, which can be accessed by the easily removable deck. Check all the pictures on my photostream!

Submitted by: Garmadon

Goblin Siege Ship

Submitted by: blufiji

Lyssaris Battleship

Ram & sink! These small but fast and powerful battleships are part of the navy of Lyssaris.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Moravian Warknarr

The Moravians have a longstanding tradition of sailing the seas with the main purpose of destroying their neighbors. But as the times and tactics have changed, so have their ship designs. The original longship has now been modified to hold shipborne artillery and more supplies for longer voyages. Slower and stouter than its predecessor, the Warknarr is still more than a match for the ugly and unwieldy cogs of the civilized realms.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Orcish Dragonboat

When an orc tribe has killed a dragon, the remains are often used to make a dragonboat. This is then gifted to the dragon-slayer (or his family), and used to search the seas for ships to raid.

Submitted by: ReeseEH

Royal James

The mightiest carrack of the Royal Knights fleet.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

The Falcon Clinker

Fast seafaring ship, a fantasy mix between a dhow and a longshig, with an unorthodox sail rigging and broad stern.

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Lord of the Isles

The Latest in Lenfel shipbuilding technology, this monster can dominate its opponents on any ocean.

Features a fully functioning heavy ballista, working doors and hatch, movable rudder with tiller, weapons racks, deployable anchors, and an interior, including a navigator's cabin (beneath the forecastle) and a belowdecks area with stairs, storage, and gambling table with chairs. The ship is fully modular, so the mast and rigging, aftcastle, forecastle, deck, and sides can all be easily removed for access to the interior. The model is also quite sturdy, and can be picked up and played with without breakage.

Everything but the sails is LEGO - the rigging is made of official string and nets.

Submitted by: AardWolf

The Saint Isolde

I will take what is mine by fire and sword.

~ Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

Submitted by: TitusV

Viking Knarr

The merchants turned pirates turned merchants would wear plenty hats - they would transport goods that they bought and would not stray from acquiring some goods along the way if the opportunity presented itself

Submitted by: ludzik

Viking Perils

Submitted by: Disco86

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