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Entries for Miscellaneous - Large Creation

Angarth Fort

Angarth Fort, a military stragegic point, was built during the Great Wars to defend the Angarth hills.

Submitted by: Silmaril_1

Avalonian Village

Market day makes for a lot of traffic on the village road as animals are taken to be sold, or purchased and brought home. The watermill is also a popular location as villagers purchase flour and bring grain to be ground.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Axeman's Park

Time to relax -have a good time in the Axeman's Park. Watch the sea or enjoy the tricks of the street performers around.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Castle Brickmoore

A castle to explore inside and out. Modular build with a back wall that opens on hinges. Contains a throne room, treasure room, caste well and blacksmith.

Submitted by: farmfarm

CCCXIV - Cliff Castle

This is a castle gatehouse on a 42 x 56 baseplate, and is roughly 2500 pieces.

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

Clarendon Castle

Clarendon castle is the seat of royal power in the kingdom of Anselm, it guards the river which leads to the capital city from raiders hoping to gain easy access by water. But with the death of the tyrant king, Anselm's greatest enemies might just come from within...

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Cyricus the Kingbreaker

The mightiest of mortal beasts comes face-to-face with the heroic knight of Loreos.

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Dawn Lake Castle

The Knights of Morcia head east to forge an alliance with General Goldenhammer of the Crown.

Respect the Crown.

Submitted by: LegoLord.

Eastern bridge

Japanese bridge.

Submitted by: LL

Eastern European Castle

Hi I'd like to present my latest moc - Eastern European Castle based a bit on concepts from upcoming game " Kingdoms Come: Deliverance" and it is my entry to Classic Castle Colossal Contest XIV in Miscellaneous - Large Creation

Submitted by: Tobiasz

Guarded Inn

Guarded Inn based on LEGO 6067-1 Guarded Inn

Submitted by: gads

Guardsman Keep

Submitted by: Legofin.

Heliseb Väljadel - Ringing in the Fields

A scene based on the choral piece Heliseb Väljadel by Urmas Sisask. The piece is in Estonian, and the title loosely translates to "Ringing in the Fields".

Submitted by: Mr. Cab

Kastra Gatehouse

Euosmos city, aswell as other regions around, are surrounded by thick stone walls, made by Mitgardian dwarf experts.

At past , these walls played a crucial role for the defense of Thessaloniki and all the cities inside it, against enemy hordes.

Nowadays Mitgardian crafters and builders are doing casual maintenance at walls in order to keep them in perfect condition and ready for any upcoming danger.

Submitted by: Gunman

Lion Knight Manor

Submitted by: Deviet

Mana Pool

Used non-lego-lights. Scene inspired by the Warcraft movie.

Submitted by: Disco86

Old church of Norvica

This entry i made for Guilds of Historica and for the CCC XIV.
This is the old church of Norvica.
Norvica is a small village on the oil road between Barqa and Petreae and is build by free slaves of Kaliphlin and most of them were born in the Lowlands.

Submitted by: don leopold

Qasr Albahr

Qasr Albahr is a large trade citadel in the Spice Islands of Kaliphlin. It serves as a hub of the trade between the islands and mainland Kaliphlin. Its climbing bridges and ornate walls are well known throughout Historica.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Roland van Tessel's Birthday Celebration

It's the 50th Birthday of Roland van Tessel of Lyssaris. Guests from all nine Kingdoms have come to celebrate with him.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

Entry shows a secret cottage in Farnor Forest.

[I loaded this again up because in my first submission I didn't fulfill to the rules of the maximum solution for the pics (1600X1200) - I hope this time well!?]

Submitted by: modestolus

Stoneborough Keep

Stoneborough keep rests in Garheim very close to the Lenfel border. Caves were discovered during the building of the walls.

Weighs 14 lbs and is 28 inches tall. The houses and cave are furnished.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

The Gloomy Arch of Ages

Submitted by: josdu

The Grand Joust

Submitted by: JimmySteele27

Tom Bombadil's House

Tom Bombadil's House from The Lord of the Rings

Submitted by: nanuck95

Undead Fall is coming to the Lion Knights

Crusaders Castle. They are also known as Lion Knights. Medium sized fortress located on the island. It is invaded by Undead Fall just now. The Dark Magic summoned monsters which died ages ago and fallen warriors.

Submitted by: Kalais

Water Palace of the Deepspring

A small castle located at the base of Menh Mountain. Clear water springs from a well deep under the mountain and this palace is a place of celebration and life.

Submitted by: HermanBlume


Hugh the Classic Castle mascot is traveling in the castle lands. Can you spot him?

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

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