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Entries for Siege Warfare

Avalonian siege tower

Somewhere among the sprawling marshes of Nocturnus an Avalonian force is helping the resistance lay siege to a black spire city. Catapults hurl rocks at the attackers and arrows fall like rain. Yet the siege weapons roll on, determine to take back what is rightfully theirs.

Submitted by: The Maestro

Bull's Attack

The Bull Knights ready their siege tower and ballista as they head to battle. Also ever wonder how those big towers move? Easy cow power!

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

CCCXIV - Grond the War Beast

This is on an irregular baseplate at max is 43 studs long... I think my favorite part is actually the base, I like its shape and color...

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

Elephant Artillery

Loreos has long utilized heavy cavalry to fight its enemies, none heavier than the feared war elephants. But what could make these ponderous death machines more terrible? Stap an oversized ballistae on their back! Fortifications and armies alike should beware these massive cavalry archers!

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

Goblin Mangonel

Submitted by: blufiji

Great Turkish Bombard

Ottoman supergun used during the siege of Constantinople.

Submitted by: artizan

Heavy Ballista "Thunderfist" MK II

Large and powerful: If you don't want to simply knock on the door, make sure to suprise everybody with the Heavy Ballista "Thunderfist" MK II.

It's power can even stop war elephants and break down every obstacle in it's way.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd


A functional Petraria Arcatinus style catapult. The crank at the back winds a string and pulls down the arm, a ratchet keeps it in place, and pushing the lever fires. The ratchet can then be released and the string unwound and the lever hooked back on.

Submitted by: Tiberius_XXVII

Siege of Lyomere

Mythron lays siege to Lyomere, the stronghold of the resistance that is fighting the monarchy.

The siege machine is a battering ram.

Submitted by: Mr. Cab

The Battle of Gemeti-Isthar

Lord Caminellie drove his cavalry to the gates of the Fortress of Gemeti-Isthar with freshly built ballista and other siege engines. He appeared personally at the front lines with his forces in full support.

Submitted by: Wilfred of Ivanhoe


Submitted by: Disco86

Trebuchet of Delos

Troops from Delos have been ordered to attack the city of Teos. Along with other seige weaponry, the army has brought with them one of the most feared weapons of their age... a trebuchet.

Submitted by: Andrew JN

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