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Entries for Traveling Salesman

"Does it Come in Black?"

Will the merchant be able to sell his colourful wares to the black (And very dark grey) loving Bat Man?

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

A Visit From the Arms-Dealer

This Arms Dealer is well known through out the kingdom for his cheaply made weapons and obnoxiously high prices.

Submitted by: legobeethoven

Aimsithe the arms master

From city to city the arms master wanders, selling his wares to whoever has the coin. It is well known that the master forges a weapon like no other. Strong and reliant, a sword would last you through an age. So when Aimsithe passes your cottage be sure to purchase at least a knife, for you won't regret it.

Submitted by: The Maestro

Aslo the Ale Salesman

Submitted by: Legofin.

CCCXIV - Laketown

This build isn't really on a baseplate, but it is 36 x 28 at max, and it is 44 bricks high...

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

CCCXIV - Market Streets

This build is on a circular baseplate with a diameter of about 36 studs, and is roughly 1000 pieces.

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

Drondil's Southern Gate

This weary peddler brings something far more important than the wares in his satchel: news. The guardsmen of Drondil's Kaliphlin Gate will be the first to hear of the rumours concerning the return of the Heir!

Submitted by: TitusV

Dwarven Trade in Dale

The dwarves of Erebor sell many of their fine wares in Dale before continuing on their sales circuit to Mirkwood. Their skill in smithing and quarrying fine gems is well known.

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Fresh Fish!

A friendly fish vendor peddles his wares on a busy street.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Goblin Market District

The Goblin District of the Shade boasts a thriving trade network. Markets are held on open platforms, or wherever convenient. Traveling merchants traverse the district, bringing goods from neighborhood to neighborhood. Other enterprising traders travel up into the human districts, where the best of Rowia’s finery, (that no one else wants) can be purchased from the Shade’s primary importers.

Several traveling merchants are visible in this scene: one carrying mushrooms across the bridge, one selling textiles in the main market, one selling rats (with assistant on the lower level,) and one selling a turkey on the middle platform.

Set in the Lands of Rowia.

Submitted by: kingdomviewbricks

Grand Merchant Tajir

The grand merchant Tajir specializes in fine silks, spices, jewels, and robes. Tajir has brought a selection of his wares to King Dhahab. What sumptuous items will the King and Queen select?

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Haránath Trading Outpost

This is a build of Haránath, a trading outpost made for the Classic Castle Contest XIV.
Category-Traveling Salesman

Submitted by: peterhart143

Moonstone Peddler

Submitted by: blufiji

One Confident Salesman

Over confident this young strapping salesman think he can sale useless carts to some very intimidating people.

Submitted by: Purple Wolf

The Barber

In medieval times, barbers had much more jobs to do apart from shaving and cutting. They were also the surgeons and doctors (even though the way they treated their patiens wouldn't be called 'conventional' nowadays...).

And so we can see a travelling barber with all his belongings. At the time he treats one more frightened patient, his assistant sells miraculous medicines to the villagers. If it helped my neighbour's wife, why shouldn't it help me?
But wait... What is the guy behind the carriage doing? Is it how the medicines are produced?

The MOC and its name were inspired by a book, 'The Physician'.

Submitted by: Toltomeja

The Flying Dealer

A great attraction -the flying dealer brings you fancy goods from all around the world.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The Grand Bazaar

Merchants from across the world gather at the Grand Bazaar to sell, trade, peddle and bargain their merchandise. Anything and everything can be bought or sold, for the right price of course…

Submitted by: Mark of Falworth

The Ice Merchant

An ice merchant and his team load a wagon with ice to take to market.

Submitted by: Leopold

The Ingredient Man

Time to refill your Arcane Pantry boys! Magic coconuts and eggs, horns of all kinds of beasts, plant monster vines, and the usual abissal vampyre wing we can't live without. Thrown in a luxurious cape if you want to follow nowadays fad.

Ingredient Man has been cruising the lands and making potions for many, many years and knows his stuff. The first Magic Ingredient delivery service in this side of the Gateway, You can contact him in his Crystall Ball if you need!

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Water Salesman

He had a good idea to try and sell water to the creatures from the lava flow. He took a wrong turn somehow and got on the other side of the lava.

Submitted by: scottstaz

Tindan from Demwor

If you need a weapon, a traveling salesman Tindan has it all for you.

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

Winter Supply

Submitted by: Disco86

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