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Entries submitted by fpavelar

The Falcon Clinker

Fast seafaring ship, a fantasy mix between a dhow and a longshig, with an unorthodox sail rigging and broad stern.

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Ingredient Man

Time to refill your Arcane Pantry boys! Magic coconuts and eggs, horns of all kinds of beasts, plant monster vines, and the usual abissal vampyre wing we can't live without. Thrown in a luxurious cape if you want to follow nowadays fad.

Ingredient Man has been cruising the lands and making potions for many, many years and knows his stuff. The first Magic Ingredient delivery service in this side of the Gateway, You can contact him in his Crystall Ball if you need!

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Obsidian Gateway

Evil guys doing evil things in a evil place. Fits properly on a 32x32 baseplate with minimal overlaying.

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Tauren Foreman

CCC XIV - Pit of Despair

A brave group of Adventurers search for it's partner in a deep Dungeon. They tracked his holding cell in a deep level, and are eager to find their friend, not knowing the terror that is guarding the next room...

Submitted by: fpavelar

The Warrior Duchess


The Duchess Rina Ayatra and her Squire Aedria

Submitted by: fpavelar

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