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Entries for Castle Vignette

Blacksmith-Hard Work

The blacksmith work hard for the next battle

Submitted by: Ricky Silva

Castle Cross-section

Castle cross-section on an 8x8, minor overhang.

Submitted by: RumHam

CCC A Higher Form Of Thievery

A very ingenious thief looks for help from above.

Submitted by: Jako_of_Nerogue

Classic Castle Forums

The Classic Castle forums built as a vignette.

Submitted by: Elephant Knight

Death in the Rafters

As a journeyman Dragonslayer walks through the halls of Drakken Keep, another hunter stalks her prey...

Submitted by: mrcp6d

Down in the Depths

Submitted by: Hildigrim Took

Dwarven Armory

Submitted by: legobeethoven

Flies and Spiders

My fourth entry to CCCXV! This is depicting the scene where the dwarves are carrying Bombur, and Bilbo is up in the trees!

Submitted by: TheLordOfBricks

Heads up!

Whether you're a king or a peasant, do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life.

Submitted by: Aldeeze

Heat from the Deep

On the winter solstice in Albion, the sun barely left the Earth as it journied from East to West. As the heavenly fire reached downwards into the ground, so the earthly fires reached upwards to meet it. Merlin coaxed them up out of their hibernation without much trouble.

Submitted by: celloguy

Herding Pigs

Submitted by: OrangeGareth

Hidden Treasure

A bandit hides his treasure in a secret cave under an old tree trunk

Submitted by: nanuck95

Linque Yanwe

Linque Yanwe is a hidden Elven city built among the mountains and rivers of Orofarne.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

Medieval European Feudalism (in plastic)

Feudalism was the single method of governing used through out the medieval period, starting with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 and continued for around 1000 years until around 1450. You have a King on top, then lords below them, who are supported by soldiers. Of course the large majority of people are squished at the bottom in filthy living conditions. They are the Serfs/Peasants.

Submitted by: The Maestro

Monk's Study

Submitted by: Graham Gidman

Passing of the Torch

Retrieving his armor after years of peacetime, a former Knight passes the gear on to his son.

Submitted by: adamsonofwilliam


Two patrols cross but do not meet.

Submitted by: LettuceBrick

Pit Trap

Submitted by: Dave zambito

Princess Palace

Submitted by: soccerkid6

Something shiny

Walking home he saw this old well and thought something sparkled. If he only fit down the well.

Submitted by: Scottstaz

Streets Above, Sewers Below

This shows a man giving coins to a beggar on the streets, with the rat filled sewers below.

Submitted by: Brick Ninja

That's not the doorbell!

Looks like the design of thiscastle wasn't too good...

Submitted by: jaapxaap

The Menace of War

Orcs are gathering their forces in the Shadow mountains for the final strike. The last war between the darkness and the light is coming...

Submitted by: Jan T.

The old town of Lyssaris City

This is a scene from the colorful old town of Lyssaris City, the capital of the island of Lyssaris in the Northeast of the Nine Kingdoms.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The Room Above the Chapel

From 'The Black Arrow' by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Dick Shelton and Joanna Sedley escape from the treacherous and wavering Sir Daniel's castle, after having been locked in a 'haunted' room where the inhabitants are murdered.

I really like how the floor turned out to appear as a tower room with rafters and joists. Also, this is based on an image in my volume, hence the double layer of staggered floorboards.

Submitted by: Mark of Siloam

The sovereign

Submitted by: lego.insomnia

Two Castle Entrances

Here is a build depicting two entrances to a castle.

Submitted by: Matt Hew

War From Below

Submitted by: Mountain Hobbit

When the War knocks to your home.

Orcs are invading and burning villages by villages. It's time to finally resist the darkness...

Submitted by: Jan T.

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