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Entries submitted by ranghaal


Submitted by: ranghaal


One of the most legendary man to ever walk this earth. I chose do to show him and some of his inventions/researches in a kind of mueseum style. Try to find the shown items in his work :-)

Submitted by: ranghaal

Tear down the wall

Once the great wall used to secure the land, now it is rotten and looted by the people who need stones.

Submitted by: ranghaal

The Foreboding

Submitted by: ranghaal

The giant

Long before Jonathan Swift wrote his famous book, legends of giants were common among medieval people.

Submitted by: ranghaal

Time to reflect

The title refers to the reflections in the mountain see :-)

Submitted by: ranghaal

Traveling Salesman Problem

I wanted to show the misery of the medieval times this time and so I did a salesman that struggles to survive... and eventually will fail...

You see the few wares he has and the desperation in his eyes.

Submitted by: ranghaal

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