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Entries for Wizards Duel

(Pan)demonic encounter

"Hold the line! Keep your distance and wear your mask! We need to fight this together!"
- Unknown wizard

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

Battle for the borderland

Good wizard and evil wizard are battling over their borderland. White light and ice against evil dark and fire.

Submitted by: rsykora

Encounter with the Necromancer

The Goblin Wizard Kelva attempts to stop El’annatha from summoning an unknown undead horror.

“Franjean are we nearing the top of this hill”
“Yes Kelva”
“I’m going to take a moment to catch my breath and prepare spells, can you see what necromantic mess El’annatha has waiting for us?”
“Not yet”
“Not yet! You’re a magical eagle why can’t you see!”
“Not facing the right way.”
“If it wasn’t for that you were Tymalous’ familiar before you were mine I zap you!”
“Just like a goblin get frustrated and threaten to harm things.”
“Shush you overgrown chicken!”
“Are you ready yet? She’s got 2 skeletons and is summoning something out of a portal in the floor of the temple!”
“Where are the skeletons?”
“Ones on the road the other is off to the side”
“Well as the Elves say ‘Sa’illienth é transeth!”
“Really, Victory and Bacon? It’s trathess – honor.”
“You’ve ever known a goblin who cares about honor? Bacon now that’s something I care about! I’ll dispel the skeleton on the road try to distract El’annatha while I take out the other one. Be there in two wing flaps”

Submitted by: BricksandBoosters

Hall of Wizardry

Submitted by: LegoHobbitFan

Mage Wars


Submitted by: slyowl

Rhalyf and the Sorcerer

As I marched north of Qarkyr, Rhalyf wrote after the ordeal was over, the wind obstructed my path. The beginnings of a sand storm hit with no warning. Before I could find shelter, the road was obstructed from me. Within a matter of minutes, I was off my path and into the Parched Lands, Rhalyf continued.

Just as unexpectedly as it started, the storm subsided, leaving me bewildered but well. I made my way north, intending on finding the road without delay, but the hills and the sand guided me ever so westward. I was obliged to this direction.

I soon saw I was not ambling aimlessly, but rather a stone dais lay before me. I knew avoiding this henge in the desert would be in vain, so I approached it, prepared as one can, for what might be.

"Lay down your staff!" a voice said from the stone platform as I ascended.

I sized up the sorcerer I saw before me. So, this was the reason for my divergent course. I kept quiet, waiting my time.

"I will not ask again, Rhalyf," the wizard said.

Still, I watched. Unconcerned he knew me, though I not him. Without additional warning, he cast a binding spell.

I met the spell and withstood it, but still he persisted. "Cease your assault!" I commanded. My words went unheeded.

As I gathered my strength to throw off this spell, the very stone beneath us tremored and glowed, the same evil as this sorcerer's spell.

"Enough!" I cried as I pressed back. I heard a crack and saw the dark figure fall. At the same time, the sand storm returned enveloping the stone henge, soon blocking everything from sight.

When the storm subsided again, I was alone in the desert again. No trace of the stone platform or the sorcerer.

Submitted by: jtooker


The grass wizard Eresorin missed his surprise attack on the wizard Verick. Dodged behind a tree just in time from the retaliation.

Submitted by: scottstaz

The red mage casts dragonfire

It's a duel of elemental magic. Can the blue mage protect herself from the dragonfire?

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Wizard's Epic Duel

The white-bearded wizard has for years well hidden his magic book with all its secrets, but the evil wizard decided to steal the book and become the most powerful wizard in the entire kingdom.
White beard strikes him with the green lightning of northern spirits in a desperate attempt to save the book from the one-eyed thief ,, the story continues ,,,

Submitted by: Trebuchet.Cro

Wizards of Orthanc

The fight between Gandalf and Saruman in the tower of Orthanc.

Submitted by: Crescentius


This is a battle for the Zhulwor tower, battle between Fire Mage and Water Mage. Let's see which spell will win!

Submitted by: CaptainFlint

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