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Entries for Fairy Tale

Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time, a grandmother was baking for Christmas. With the leftover dough, she made the shape of a gingerbread man. She placed chocolate for the eyes and a bit of licorice for the mustache. She placed the gingerbread man into the oven and went about her work.

When she returned to the oven, she opened the door and to her surprise, the gingerbread man leapt off the pan and ran to the door shouting, “Run, Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!"

Submitted by: jtooker

Jack and the beanstalk

Jack finally reached the top.

Submitted by: scottstaz

Straw into Gold

My entry for the Fairy Tale category of the CCC. This was inspired by Scott Gustafson’s Rumpelstiltskin illustration from his book “Classic Fairy Tales”. If you’re ever looking for wonderful concept art, I highly recommend his works! Also had a ton of fun putting some of our dark tan 1×2 rounded plates to use in this scene. Oh, and of course our bright light orange leaves.

Submitted by: LittleJohn

The devil with the three golden hairs

I decided to show two scenes from the great "The Devil With The Three Golden Hairs" (Brothers Grimm).

It would take too much space, to tell you the whole story here, so let's talk about the two scenes:

On the left you can see the Bandits burning the evil king's letter and rewriting it, while the boy carrying it is taking a nap by the nightfire.

On the right you can see the Devil's Granny ripping off three golden hairs from the Devils Head while delousing him. The boy was turned into an ant so the Devil wouldn't take notice of him.

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

The Sword in the Stone

A collab between me and my younger sister. :)

Submitted by: WitzBricks

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