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Entries for Medieval Monster Menace

Dragon Attack

Finding a mountain full of loot isn't always a good thing...

Submitted by: Crescentius

Dragon Attack on the Village Outskirts

Dragons are somewhat rare in Mitgardia, but they are a menace to the smaller villages in the country.

Submitted by: mrcp6d

It Has Tentacles!

This is my entry into the Monster-Category of this year's Colossal Castle Contest.

A strange monster is attacking town! The citizens run for their dear lives while the city guard tries everything to keep the monster away.

The walls are already collapsing, pure chaos is at hand everywhere. There's only one thing people are screaming on their desparate escape: "It has TENTACLES!!"

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Lich Mage Menace

In the small village of Pliska, an ancient lich mage hopes to sink it hooks in the village's people, but one wandering knight stands up to its tyranny...

Submitted by: Shield_and_Sword

St. George testing the dragon for COVID-19

Several weeks ago a good friend of mine, Peti sent me an image depicting St. George slaying the dragon with the caption "St. George testing the dragon for COVID-19".

Some days later CCC XVIII was announced and as I stumbled upon the Medieval Monster Menace category I immediately knew what I was going to submit.

Furthermore, I live near Nürnberg, Germany and at the foot of the castle there is a historic building called the Pilatushaus with a corner figure depicting St. George and the dragon.

Stay Healthy!

Submitted by: Rifiröfi

The Black Dragon

Its belly shone and its teeth glistered with the blinding light of its breath. The cold wind became a scorching wave of flames that took our brothers and our courage in a heartbeat.

Submitted by: Louis of Nutwood

The Undoing of Shriza the Spider

Legends tell of many monsters in the depths of the Wither Woods and it is unwise to stray off the path. But when such horrors grow bold enough, or desperate enough, to leave their shadows and venture among civilized dwellings they may not be ignored.

Such events led Aarash and the Batuhanian Guard deep into the forest to kill the terror which had plagued the farmsteads to the north. It was only a matter of time when it wouldn’t be a goat or calf that was taken, but a child.

Rumors described an eight-legged menace, a shadow that hunted silently in the dark hours of the night. Aarash clung to those rumors as he traversed the ever-darkening woods. Soon webs, the size of a man, could be seen amongst the trees. Torn and ragged they looked, but menacing. As the ground declined beneath their steps the forest became quiet. Only feet treading through the undergrowth made any sound. That is when snap was heard; not of twig, but of a branch up ahead.

“Shriza, the Spider!” one soldier cried, pointing directly ahead. They had found themselves at the end a slight ravine, with a monster of a spider ahead.

“Hold!” Aarash cried out as Shriza approached, and then “Attack!".

Thankfully, Aarash’s archers were flanking on the right and they had many spears at their disposal. But it would not be enough. Her hide was tough and she was nimble. Our blows were either deflected or missed entirely.

Just when the situation was looking grim, A group of centaurs rode in from the west.

Their arrows shot true and pierced the vulnerable parts of the spider menace. Once on the ground, the stabbing spears finished the job. Aarash turned to thank the centaurs, but they had already fled back into the forest. Despite the darkness of the forest, the return journey was merry knowing their people could sleep soundly tonight.

Submitted by: jtooker

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