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Entries for Ye Olde Woodes

A Lumbering Process

A trio of scenes showcasing the process of transforming trees into shields
in medieval times. These workers are from the town of Batuhan, in northern
This MOC is my entry into the Ye Olde Woodes category
of the 2020 Colossal Castle Contest (CCC XVIII).

The first vignette shows loggers at work. Two are using their axes to chop down a linden tree. Linden wood (or basswood) is light and easy to work with making it a great for shieldsmithing. A third man guides a horse pull along a felled tree.

Logged trees make their way to the sawmill shown in the second scene. The water wheel powers the saw blades reducing the amount of manual effort needed to create lumber from logs. A sawmiller pushed the tree through the machine. At the other end, lumber falls in a cart (not shown) to be taken to the lumberyard or carpenters.

Shieldsmiths take the linden lumber planks and cut them to the right size and then plane them. The carpenter (center) uses a cabinet scraper to smooth the wood surface. The blacksmith (right) hammers out an iron band to reinforce the shield. A painter (left) applies heraldry to a fully constructed shield.

Submitted by: jtooker

Clearing The Path / The Boat Builder

Scene 1:) Clearing The Path

They want to build a road here. Unfortunately there are some trees blocking the way. The job must be done in time, otherwise the queen won't be amused. This is of course a job for Gunnar Gunnarsson.

Most people just call him "The dwarf with the golden axe" and one thing is for sure -this dude chops like hell! Not many people know that he was a feared warrior once but he now he makes a living chopping wood (together with his brother Devin) and selling it to various craftsmen.

Scene 2: The Boa Builder

One of Gunnars best clients is the well-known boat builder Hanko Swift. He runs his business together with his three sons.

After many memorable adventures on their travels, Elmar and Adele von Rabenstein finally decide to return home. With some of the golden coins from their treasure heist they buy a brand new boat with a custom yellow painting from Hanko and say "goodbye for this time!"

Submitted by: Fletcher Floyd

Logging by the Stream

In scene 1 the brothers are cutting down trees so they can build a fence. While big brother is working hard to cut wood little brother climbs a tree. The fence they are building in Scene 2 will keep the goats in and prevent them from wandering off into the bush.

Submitted by: Bishons

Logging in the 10 Villa Territory

The men have to hurry. The settlement is growing bigger and needs to expand! The men are hurrying to log, cut the wood and build the bridge.

Submitted by: Bishons

Logging in the Fall

The long war filled summer is over and its time to build and repair the fortifications. It's a busy time of year, since everyone has to prepare for the winter. Two men have been assigned the job of logging wood from the forest surrounding Needlepine Cascade (Scene 1). And in Scene 2, two the village carpenter is using the the strong wood to construct sturdy castle gates.

Submitted by: minoboys

The Carpenter

A carpenter gathering his wood to build two doors for a new barn.

Submitted by: scottstaz

Wood gathering above, Excavation below

Wood is key for mining operations.

Submitted by: Wedge09

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