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Rules and Information


The contest will begin on Thursday November 20th, 2003 and end on Monday January 20th, 2004. Contest winners will be announced on February 1st 2004.


You may submit up to 2 entries into each category. See the Categories and Prizes

Each submission is limited to three photographs, each no larger than 800 x 600 pixels. You may edit your images digitally, but only to clean up the images for presentation. LDraw images are acceptable but these entries must use readily available pieces, not large quantities of rare pieces, colors, or figures.

Images will not be hosted by Classic-Castle. We suggest using Brickshelf to host your images. Please make a folder for each of your submissions.

Submissions can be entered into other LEGO contests but still must meet our category requirements. You can not submit any creations posted online before November 20th 2003.

To submit an entry, email Anthony Sava (Sava at to have a creations page set up for your entries. In the email, submit: your name and email, the name of your creation, the category you are submitting to, and a link to the brickshelf folder.

By submitting your entry you give the unrestricted rights to publish your entry online.


The evaluation committee will be made up of the administrators of Therefore, they are not eligible to enter this contest. Submission will be evaluated on a ten-point scale.

Creativity 3 Points
Playability 4 Points
Details 3 Points

The administrator grades for each submission will be averaged for the creations final score. The highest score in each category will win that categories prize. Each participant can only win a maximum of one prize. If he/she wins multiple categories, one category prize will have to be forfeited. This prize will go to the second place in the forfeited category. will pay for shipping prizes to the winners in the United States. If the winner lives outside of the USA, they will pay the difference between actual shipping cost and the cost to ship the prize in the USA.

We reserve the right to modify the rules and prizes of this contest at any time.

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