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Colossal Castle Contest XII - Winning Entries

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Colossal Castle Contest XII! Your creations show the finest that Classic Castle has to offer. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. The huge number of talented entries is what truly made this year's castle contest Colossal.

The scores were very close so we have provided an Honorable Mention for the top five entries in each category that did not win. Please contact me if you have won a category so we can ship out the prizes! The Master Builder prize is being calculated and will be announced in a few days.

Out with the new - Peter de Yeule -
80's 7189 Mill Village Raid

Redesign any castle set released after 1990 using pieces, colors, and techniques from the 1970's and 1980's. Use of original grey and brown bricks is encouraged but not required. Modern pieces should be used sparingly with the exception of figures, weaponry, shields, and flags.
Retro 10223Zorkz
8877 Black Monarch's Dark FortressKumpelKante
Retro 10193 - Medieval Market Villagenanuck95
7094 King's Castle Siege 1988man at ye old well
Gatehouse Raid, Redesignsoccerkid6

Vehicle vs Vehicle - mrp6d -
Mountain Bobsled Racing

Show two vehicles in conflict - anything from battling warships, to a chariot race, to two peddlers arguing over whose carts are stuck in a traffic jam at the city gates.
Aggressive NeighborsBrother Steven
Ozaka Traffic AccidentDisco86
Battle at the Bottleneck RapidsBrickninja
Rough SeasAardwolf
Runaway Rubble CartWilfred of Ivanhoe

Medieval Husbandry - FanLego -
Cottage House

Build a rural scene depicting the cultivation of crops, the care of animals, or anything related to life on a farm.
Ol' Poggards' MillLegonardo
Etheldreed WindmillCesbrick
The Vineyard of UviniToltomeja
Poultry FarmersBrother Steven
Honshu Rice TerraceDisco86
Fishing on the WharfTakkata

Castle Building - LL -

Create a building which would be found inside a castle's walls. Ideas include blacksmith, armory, stables, barracks, kitchen, and chapel. Your building is not required to be attached to a perimeter wall.
Blacksmith And Armory Shopdon leopold
A Visit to the ArmoryMark of Falworth
Hradcanny Candlemaker's Shopsoccerkid6
Stables, Blacksmith and BarracksKumpelKante
Blacksmith ShopLegonardo
Dimarton Livery StablesBrother Steven

The Merry Band - Dubbadgrim -
The Forestmen's Cunning Heist

Build a scene featuring a band of rogues up to mischief in the kingdom. Ideas include Robin Hood crashing the sheriff's feast or woodsmen holding up a carriage in the forest.
Free Fish!Takkata
Malcumus Erlond CottageCesbrick
A Delicious Distractiondigger1221
Orc PitTakkata

The Best Intentions - soccerkid6 -
Count Rosencross' Camp

Build a medieval mishap featuring tents or pavilions. Ideas include a military encampment, tournament, or nomad's fireside tent.
Drink Airag ResponsiblyDisco86
Tree-Tromped TentBrother Steven
Tatar AccidentDisco86
Watch Out For That... Tent.josdu
Undashed SpiritsMark of Siloam

Custom Castle Figure - MWardancer -
Prince Baerenn on Snaefellsness the Bear

Create a realistic or fantasy customized castle figure. You may use modified bricks, custom accessories, and/or stickers. Ideas include knights, monks, peasants, wizards, elves, and fairies.
Gotrek GurnissonBrickule
GRÔZ the GiantBrother Steven
HighlanderWilfred of Ivanhoe
Felix JaegerBrickule
Hollis ArchenwellLord Mercat

Castle Siege - Takkata -
The battle of helms deep.

Build a siege scene with at least one siege engine or operation (sappers) and a fortification (wall or tower) that will be attacked. Ideas include battering rams, catapults, ballistae, and trebuchets.
The Siege of Bannockburn Castlesoccerkid6
Avremarus Under SiegeBrother Steven
Siege of Ceòbanach Dùnvitreolum
Under Attackmarkus1984
Fall of ConstantinopleDisco86

Miscellaneous - Small Creation - Disco86 -
Drow Diplomacy

Are you tired of losing the old miscellaneous category to a gigantic display? Enter your small creation here! This category is limited to a 32x32 baseplate footprint or smaller. Entries shall not be taller than 64 bricks.
Barrenroot TreeCesbrick
The Tower of the StormsToltomeja
Feast at the Great Hallsoccerkid6
Ninja TrainingTakkata
The Necromancer's Bad DayDubbadgrim

Miscellaneous - Large Creation - Cesbrick -
Black Hollow

Does your large castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions.
Bushido - Way of the WarriorDisco86
Nobleman's ManorDubbadgrim
Adalgardis KeepBrother Steven
Medieval City Streetviewmockingbird
Dwynnburg CastleKumpelKante

Fairy Tale Castle - Legonardo -
A Creature in the dark

Build a castle, tower, or other structure featured in a fairy tale. Ideas include the candy house from Hansel and Gretel, a shoemaker's shop with elves, Rapunzel's tower, and Sleeping Beauty's castle.
Far Away and Far Above - Rapunzel's TowerCesbrick
The Three Little PigsDubbadgrim
Jack and the BeanstalkBrother Steven
Rapunzel's TowerGraham Gidman
Hansel and GretelMatthew B.

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