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Colossal Castle Contest XIII - Winning Entries

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Colossal Castle Contest XIII! Your creations show the finest that Classic Castle has to offer. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. The huge number of talented entries is what truly made this year's castle contest Colossal. Here are the winners and honorable mentions for each category.

Undead Siege - KyleKreations -
Veni Vidi Vici

Lay siege to a fortified city. Include siege weapons such as towers, ladders, battering rams, and catapults. The attackers and defenders may be living, dead, or some combination thereof.
Lions at the DoorDubbadgrim
Thrihinad GateCaptainFlint
Brute ForcedDubbadgrim
Arkbri Fortress BreachedGideon
The Great SiegeDavid FNJ

Haunted Inn - Nanuck95 -
Ghost Stag Lodge

Build a medieval inn guarded by a ghost.
The Pale Lady's LairDubbadgrim
Oh look, over there's a ladderMarcu44
The Sapphire InnJaapxaap
Silver Chicken InnGraham Gidman

Medieval Dungeon - Dubbadgrim
Keeping the Beasts at Bay

Build a medieval dungeon or prison found in a castle or fortress.
Nobody expects...GillesGaer
The Pit of DespairJosdu
Chamber of Unspeakable HorrorsAardwolf
Good News!!Garmadon
Westwall PrisonDubbadgrim

Medieval Ships - Marcu44 -
Red-Seal Ship

Build a Medieval Ship. Ideas include a trade cog, a viking ship, and a ferry.
English Trading Cog Aardwolf
The Journey HomePeggyjdb
The Black DragonJaapxaap
Viking KarveKyleKreations
The Shipwreck!Josdu

Bring Out Your Dead - Toltomeja -
Hanging Coffins of the Bo

Build a scene featuring a ceremony or event following a medieval death. Ideas include a funeral, burial, or veneration of a saint.
A Pause in the ProcessionDubbadgrim
Wisdom and GuidanceJosiah N
A noble deathScottstaz
Mourning the FallenSoccerkid6
Burial of a Sea KingJosdu

Medieval Manor - Soccerkid6 -
Mitgardian Manor

Build a medieval manor house of the local feudal leader. Ideas include the residence of a knight, earl, or bishop.
Crusaders on the CoastlineDubbadgrim
Merchant's HouseBigboy99899
Chevalier's ManorDubbadgrim
The Commander's Manor HouseDurazno33
Syrtak's Moving MansionJaapxaap

Custom Castle Figure - MWardancer -
Princess Evadia on Swivt the Hippogriff

Create a realistic or fantasy customized castle figure. You may use modified bricks, custom accessories, and/or stickers. Ideas include knights, monks, peasants, wizards, elves, and fairies.
Teutonic KnightMark of Falworth
Gondor soldiersFriend_10_tk
Fraanz the Monk11intheWoods
The Last Wolf GuardGunnarr Leidolf
Rangers of IthilienFriend_10_tk

Microscale Medieval Life - Halhi141 -
Cliffside Village

Build a castle related microscale vignette. This scene should be built on a 16x16 or smaller base. You are limited to only one microscale entry in this contest. Any additional microscale entries will be disqualified and not eligible in this category or the miscellaneous category.
Micro CathedralLegonardo
The HarvestKyleKreations
Castle in the CloudsJackieB
Micro Classic Castle 375Bigboy99899
Imperial DamDubbadgrim

Miscellaneous - Small - Josiah N -
Coronation of a King

Are you tired of losing the old miscellaneous category to a gigantic display? Enter your small creation here! This category is limited to a 32x32 baseplate footprint or smaller. Entries shall not be taller than 64 bricks.
Delinquent IncantationsDubbadgrim
Su Song's Astronomical ClockAardwolf
Traveling Down the MountainGraham Gidman
Ghostly Hideout ReduxVitreolum
Japanese stone gardenMarcu44

Miscellaneous - Large - Faronmoc
Yusnaan Harbor

Does your large castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions.
Hailstone PointSergeantChipmunk44
The Western GateMark of Falworth
At the Mountain LodgeDunedain98
Nordheim KeepSoccerkid6
The King's Mis-timed VisitDubbadgrim

Forbidden Fortress - Aardwolf -
Beast's Castle

Build a castle or fortress featured in a haunted tale or legend. Ideas include a vampire castle, Macbeth's castle, or the gates of Mordor.
Dracula CastleToltomeja
Black Tree CastleJosdu
The Castle of the Dark CrystalMr. Cab
The Batlord's EstateDubbadgrim
Tower DraculKyleKreations

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