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Colossal Castle Contest XVII - Winning Entries

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Colossal Castle Contest XVII! Your creations show the finest that Classic Castle has to offer. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. The huge number of talented entries is what truly made this year's castle contest Colossal.

The scores were very close so we have provided an Honorable Mention for the top two entries in each category that did not win. Please contact me if you have won a category so we can ship out the prizes! The Master Builder prize can not be awarded since there was not a builder who entered enough categories to be eligible.

Harvest Building - Crises -
Dust explosion in the granary

Create a medieval building involved in harvesting, storing, or processing grain. Ideas include granaries, barns, watermills, and windmills.
Chumaks in a Khutir
A Day at the Old Mill

Epic Duel - Sirius -
Killing Commendatore

Create an epic duel between rival opponents. Combatants may be realistic or fantastic. Weapons with sharpened metal edges should be used (ie: swords, spears, daggers, knives, throwing stars, spears, etc).
The Lesser Evil
Duel on Bley Bridge
Elephant Knight

Medieval Construction - GentleSpring -
Blacksmith Shop in Construction

Build the interior of any castle room including minifigures, furniture, decorations, and accessories. Ideas include a great hall, dungeon, treasure room, bedroom, and store room.

Siege Warfare - valerius_maximus -

Build a medieval siege weapon. Ideas include a battering ram, siege tower, siege ramp, catapult, ballista, or trebuchet.

Catapulted into Fame - GentleSpring -
A Cinderella Story

Build three scenes of a medieval individual who rises from lowliness to prominence and must adjust to the trappings of fame or fortune. Ideas include the lives of kings, queens, saints, and battlefield heros.

Medieval Heraldry - Witz, Bricks
The Forestmen Shield

Build a decorative mosaic of a medieval item featuring heraldry. Ideas include shields, flags, tapestries, capes, signet rings, seals, illuminated manuscripts, and horse bardings.

Transformational Castle - Crescentius -
Return of the king

Build a castle moc that transforms into a creature.
Lady of the Citadel
Ruins of the Northern Kingdom
Witz, Bricks

Desert Bandits - jaapxaap -
Fallen Temple

Build a medieval hideout or encampment for a band of desert desperados. Ideas include a deserted castle, ruined monastery, hidden cave, or oasis.
Ruined Monastery
Orc Desert Hideout

Treasure Transport - Louis_of_Nutwood -
Wash away

Protect the King's treasure as it travels through perlious lands. Ideas include a journey through the depths of a forest or a sea voyage through viking infested waters.
Dwelf Tales: Treasure Heist

Miscellaneous - ranghaal -
Magnum Opus Fachwerkus

Does your castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions
Sabishi Monastery
A question of price
Don't look back
The Western Outpost
Royale Cavalier
soccerkid6, LittleJohn
Witz, Bricks
Elephant Knight

Dragon Attack - Piglet
Dragons Arena - Dress Rehearsal

Build either a hero attempting to slay a dragon, a dragon attacking a peaceful settlement, or both!
Pixie-Dragon Barrage
Harsh winter

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