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Colossal Castle Contest XVIII
Categories and Prizes

Each category has its own prize for the highest scoring creation. Many of the prizes are castle sets from the 2000's and today. The sets are either new or used in good condition. Used sets do not have boxes or original instructions. We would like to thank several anonymous donors for donating prizes for this contest.

Please feel free to contact the admins if you are interested in donating for future contests like the Colossal Castle Contest. Your donations are highly appreciated as fans from around the globe love to participate in this contest every year.

Ye Olde Woodes -
Used Cypress Tree, New Pine Trees & Fruit Trees

Create at least two scenes focused on the medieval harvesting of wood for industry. Ideas include clearing forests for grazing pastures, ship building, hunting deer for venison and leather, producing charcoal for ironworks, glassmaking, carpentry, or firewood. One scene should focus on harvesting forest materials. The second should show how those materials or land are used. This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions
Wizard's Duel -
7955 Wizard & 5614 The Good Wizard

Create an epic magical duel between two wizards.

New Sets
Medieval Shop -
6918 Blacksmith Attack

Build a medieval shop, complete with craftsmen and wares. Ideas include a blacksmith shop, armory, potter, or glassworks.

New Set
Vampire Castle
40203 Vampire & Bat

Build a spooky castle inhabited by at least one vampire and his or her pet bat. Castle towers are also acceptable. Bonus points if the pet bat is mischevious. This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions

New Set

The Great Heist -
70401 Gold Getaway

Build a scene of a great medieval treasure heist. The heist can be realistic or part of legend. Ideas include a viking monastery raid, a hobbit liberating a gold cup, or Robin Hood borrowing from the wealthy to feed the poor.

New Set

Festivals and Celebrations
30478 Santa Claus

Build a scene of a medieval holiday festival or celebration. Ideas include a candlemass procession, whitsun fair, or valentines betrothal.

New Set
Custom Castle Figure -
New Custom Helmets & Chrome Swords

Create a realistic or fantasy customized castle figure. You may use modified bricks, custom accessories, and/or stickers. Ideas include knights, monks, peasants, wizards, elves, and fairies.

Custom Castle Accessories

King's Court -
7953 Jester

Build a daily scene found in the King or Queen's Court. Ideas include a falcon hunt, ladies in waiting sewing with the queen, a dance, banquet, or joust.

New Set
Medieval Monster Menace
21123 The Iron Golem

Protect or attack a local village with your medieval monster! The monster can be a friend or enemy of the villagers. Ideas include a friendly giant, maruading troll, or attacking dragon. This category is limited to one monster per entry.

New Set
5998 Vladek

Does your castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions

New Set
Fairy Tale -
40291 Creative Storybook

Build a scene from your favorite fairy tale. Ideas include Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc

New Set
Master Builder -
Mystery Prize

This prize will be awarded to the builder who enters 6 or more categories and has the highest score when their top six creation scores are averaged.

Anonymous Donation

Frequently Asked Questions:

All entries should fit on 2 connected 32x32 baseplates or smaller unless stated otherwise in that category's rules. You may use a single 48x48 plate for your entry instead of the two 32x32 plates.

Custom stickers may be used for minifigure torsos, shields, and flags. You may use custom weapons only in the Custom Castle Figure and Miscellaneous categories. Brick built, custom, and LEGO animals can be used.

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